Something something seven

Um, hello.
It’s morning/afternoon/dinner time.
It my morning, your afternoon, apparently my dinner time.
Last night has made me feel like I’ve been hit by a bus. Makes me wonder whether I’ve gone back too soon?
I am out in the yard tonight, it’s roughly a mile round to do a patrol, so in order to get my exercise in and what not I shall do patrols by foot and not use the van unless it’s an emergency. I will get up and about and use my legs as much as possible. Does that count?
Hmm maybe doing any sort of athon, challenge whilst trying to get over an operation and go back to night shifts/general shift work isn’t totally advisable.
I feel down, weepy and a bit blergh.



Today marks two weeks.
Today I am tired, I am achy and I have already cried.
Today I want to sleep forever but I can’t, life goes on, M needs me and the business is quite busy.
I hardly slept last night, the bloody fire alarm beeped all night, it’s main powered and was registering a fault. Incidentally the thing has stopped beeping now that OH needs to sleep as he is on nights.
So hardly any sleep, up at 6.30, getting am up with M, he is a delight in the mornings though (thank god!) greeting OH and feeling like crap.
I was in pain, he offered to go do the bar, which was a really lovely gesture but he needed to go to bed so it was a bit of a catch 22. I then made him feel like shit at my refusal and almost cried (I didn’t that time) he mumbled how he can never do anything right. I felt even worse then, but he really should go to bed! He’d worked a 12 hour night shift and had been up all day.
M and I went and opened the hall and got the bar delivery sorted. We’ve come home and I’m in agony. I have to work a 12 hour night shift tonight too.
I’ve been doing so well keeping it all together, today I’m failing miserably.
I cried when I got a text telling me my sister was poorly because she’d said she would babysit tomorrow evening as I’m also working tomorrow.
I just want to forget about boring mundane work stuff and sleep.