Done and done

Well, I told you all about the Shredtober challenge when that was going and I’m sure I mentioned how the group has restarted in January.
I signed up straight away but unfortunately I got down on myself when I failed the first hurdle. You see, I have started working full time, 12 hour shifts. My pattern is 3 nights, 3 off, 3 days.
The 1st of January was the start of a block of nights. I had every intention of shredding but failed. Coming home, going to sleep, spending time with M was my priority. I told the ladies in the group how I felt I’d failed. I received much support so I decided to revise the plan.
I decided when on nights I won’t shred, it’s a near impossibility. So I thought I’d shred on my 3 off and on my 3 days, that’s 6 days of non stop shredding. Good plan?
Well yesterday was my first day off. I spent the vast majority asleep and then had a massive headache. Not ideal. I came to realise that my first day off, after nights is going to be a write off.
This is what I want to do. I want to exercise and I’m not looking for excuses.
I did actually exercise today though. Twice, one after the other.
First off I completed 20 minutes of yoga. That flew by! Wow that went quick. I really enjoyed it. It made me feel lovely and calm and like I wasn’t really doing exercise but man did I feel those moves.
I then used that positive energy to do the shred. Thought I’d do level one because It has been a while since shredding. I forgot how much I dislike level one. I am not doing level one tomorrow I’m going to do level two. I know it’s been a while since doing it all but it upset me how hard I found it really. It’s made me feel more determined to get back on track.



2014 is approaching

So I am sure you’ve already noticed that I have been more than a little quiet on here recently. I haven’t really wanted to share how I’ve been feeling. I’ve been feeling up and down. Down and out. It’s been a roller coaster. Having the monthly so put a nail in the proverbial coffin.
So yes. It’s been an emotional six weeks. However, 2014 isn’t too far around the corner and a change gonna come.

I’m sure you all remember the Shredtober challenge I partook in. Well ladies and he gents, the group has reopened and is happening again in January. I am jumping on the basis deacon again and taking part. I know it’s going to be harder than October because from the 1st Jan, I’m working full time, but that means a minimum of four gym sessions a week, which is cracking. I’m going to get myself a personal target of loosing a stone and up to 6 inches. Going from the results I saw with Shredtober these seem achievable.
Ready to start another journey with me? 

Doctors orders

So I actually managed to get an appointment with the doctor today. A Monday morning and I got an appointment with a much sought after doctor for 9.20am. Unheard of in my surgery! And she was running on time.
I had my suspicions confirmed, I have a nasty old infection. There was blood and elevated levels of nitrates in my urine. I have anti biotics. Yay. So hopefully I will get better ASAP. She told me to take it easy and not to do anything to strenuous and activities I’m prone to sweat a lot in and it will make my kidneys work harder if I become dehydrated. That’s probably why after doing the shred yesterday I was feeling even worse that I already was. I’m in two minds on what to do today. I think I will do some ab work, maybe try to bits of the shred but nothing to strenuous.
To be honest, I’m amazed it’s bothered me quite as much as it has not being able to exercise properly.
In other news, look what arrived in the post today….


A new challenge! This excites me and hopefully will keep me occupied and not bored of exercise. Difference is, this is a 40 minute work out DVD, where as shred is 20…. I might wait to start this after my 30 days of shredding are up.
I think I’m planning on shredding one day and then doing this the next through out November. I’m determined to get there.
Now for some good news… A dress I bought in the summer that was fitted is loose on me! Even though I have a long sleeve Tshirt underneath, I can easily grab a handful of material. I loved this dress. I love it even more now. Comparing a photo taken in the summer with it on and now, my legs look quite a but slimmer. I’m feeling happy in my body today.