Why do I blog?

Why do I blog?

This is a question I have found myself asking. Why? Why do I do it?

The answer I came up with? For me. For myself. As a diary so to speak. It’s a place for me to come and talk about successes (all be them a bit few and far between at the moment) and for me to vent. A place of solitude to come to. The fact that people are following the blog and occasionally comment or like a post is bloody lovely, it’s not why I do it though. I am not trying to generate numbers, I am not particularly bothered by stats, I mean compared to other blogs, this is a stab in the dark.

It’s just for me. It’s personal. I don’t know whether you get a sense of who I am from it, but everything I write comes from the heart, be it when I am joyous or when I am down.

This blog was started as a way for me to make people love their bodies, to understand body dis-morphia and that everyone has hang ups but to ultimately love yourself. It was also started as a way of me documenting the 30 day shred. I have done both of these things, yet have veered off slightly, especially after during and after the miscarriage. I have taken time to express my emotions and utter devastation.

My blog name is still relevant though, this is the one where I go for it. This is the one where I accomplish a lot and document the journey, the highs and the lows of my life, and if someone reads it fabulous, but that’s not the be all and end all. This is my place, I don’t ever want to loose that sense of me, if my blog grows astronomically (which, lets be honest, it won’t) then bloody hurrah! I shall take advantage of that, but for now, I am content with my WordPress domain blog, that’s for me.