5 days over 

Today I am 5 days over. 

Yesterday M was gloriously sick. He seemed to recover quite well in the afternoon, which is good. He had a fitful night of crying on and off. This morning he was saying how his tummy was still hurting. I was convinced it was because he was hungry. We got up, I made him toast and some juice. 10 minutes after and I heard…. “Mummy quick, I need to do sick” and so sick he did…. 

Rock and a hard place. He is still not right. I had my midwife appointment at 11. Hard decision time. I decided to refuse the sweep. 

I had to. I’m hoping he is going to feel better soon but I am needed by him right now. He needs mummy. 

So, my BP was fine. Urine fine. I cried in front of the midwife. She measured bump. Bump is measuring on the 90th centile now. He’s going to bigger than his brother. I feel it. 

I cried some more. The consultant said I would be induced at term +10. I’m actually being induced at term +12. This has stressed me out a little. 

I am crying a lot and short tempered and have generally just resigned myself to the fact I’m going to end up being induced. So that’s me at this stage. Big, sore and tired all the time. 


Another consultants appointment 

Yesterday was yet another consultants appointment. 

I have been feeling rather good recently. I don’t know how or why, but I’ve been using my crutches less, the pain has become a little easier to cope with. The only thing I can think of is that baby has moved off a nerve and it’s making my right side more even with my left. Don’t get me wrong I’m still in bits by the evening but I’m not waking in agony in the morning and struggling through to bed time. This has happened in the last 2/3 weeks. It’s quite miraculous really. It’s helped me a ton and I actually look fairly healthy. I’m attributing that to the bit of sun we had, I made the most of that and sat out as much as possible. A little bit of vitamin D does wonders. 

Anyways, that all attributed to this comment “wow, you look like different lady. This the best you have looked when you come see me” why thank you Mr consultant. I knew I looked rough before but for you to notice so spectacularly…. It was nice, but because of me looking well and feeling well, the plan changed. 

I was still allowed my stretch and sweep (more on that in a bit) but I’m not allowed to be induced early. The hospital only induce early in extreme circumstances, which when I saw him at 36+6 I was in agony and I would have been able to be induced next week if I was still in that level of pain. I’m not. 

So the plan now, stretch and sweep on Wednesday with the midwife, he put PLEASE in the notes because they’re reluctant to do it before you’re over. Then two the following week, then eventually induction at 10 days over. If however, I deteriorate they are to phone him and he will book me in for an induction earlier. Seeing as I wanted to avoid induction all along maybe it’s better that I’m feeling more able to cope? Maybe it’s happened for a reason and I will go naturally with the help of many sweeps? Who knows… 

Back to the sweep I had yesterday evening though. Ouch frickin’ ouch. That poor HCA, I bet she’s regretting giving me her hand to hold. I shouted at him and it look all my restraint not to kick him in the face. 

It was apparently a good sweep. He felt he stretched and swept very well. My cervix is still a little posterior, about an inch in length but it was 1cm dilated. He managed to get it more than that. He said it could work, it might not. Baby’s head is definitely in the right direction. 

Since the sweep, I had a few contractions last night. Nothing major though, I am exhausted and feel like I need to sleep all day. I’m getting the period like cramps again and feel s bit sick. We shall see though. I’d like it to happen today/tonight other wise baby will have to wait till Monday. Not that you can tell them that can you? Baby will come when he comes. So the waiting continues. 

The consultant reassured me that what I had been feeling was definitely positive, I mean when you compare it to M, I didn’t have any contraction pains or anything that made me think I was in labour. My cervix with M didn’t dilate until I was on the drip and even then it was super slow to get going. So we are already doing better than before. I was obviously wrong though with my feeling he will arrive early, I mean technically if he arrives before Friday he is early, but I thought he would have been here by now. 

It’s the final count down though… 39 weeks today, 1 week till DD. 

Things I’ve realised…

Things I’ve realised with this pregnancy are:

No two pregnancies are the same

Baby bumps are weird and take on all shapes and sizes

Having an anterior placenta again sucks

If you had SPD first time around, chances are you will get it second time around, but worse

Back pain is awful

Pregnancy induced dreams can be downright hilarious or utterly terrifying

Sleep deprivation sucks. Why does our body feel the need to condition us months before bubs gets here?

Leaky breasts still freak me out

Having M getting excited about the baby is ace

Taking M to my second attempt at 20 week scan was a good idea I love hearing him say “going to see baby was nice mummy”

Having M give my belly kisses is priceless

How time flies when you also have to look after a toddler

How it all just feels a little less stressful until I start panicking about how I’m going to cope with two children

How those precious kicks are just that, precious

How luck I am to be 23 weeks and 2 days pregnant

How utterly crappy I feel but knowing it will be worth it

Importantly, knowing I’m not alone and I have an amazing support network, something I didn’t utilise when pregnant with M.
It’s strange all this pregnancy malarkey but I am enjoying it in between the being unable to walk/turn in bed/crying from hormones and wetting myself when I sneeze (not masses, enough for me to double pelvic floor exercises though)
He’s going to be so worth it.
I love him already.

I am not a Buddha!

I am 23 weeks pregnant, and am showing. You will either think I am unfortunate to have out weight on in just the belly region, sporting a beer belly, or you’ve clicked that I’m pregnant.

Apparently I have a bit of a glow which is nice, I didn’t have this with M, at all.
One thing that really annoyed me with M and is annoying me this time is the incessant insistence that it’s perfectly okay to touch my belly.

What the actual?! Like seriously?
I am not a Buddha! Rubbing my belly will not give you good luck. Nor will a sodding genie appear! It is not okay for you to touch me. You wouldn’t touch my belly or rub my belly on any other day. Why when I’m pregnant??

At least ask, maybe if you catch my on a good day and I don’t think you have any diseases I may let you touch me, chances are though, I won’t. Unless you’re my toddler or my OH no one really gets to touch the bump. I’m not comfortable with it at all. If you ask I will give a polite “no sorry, I don’t feel comfortable with it” if you just touch me, expect a fit of fury.
You have been warned.

I have a secret

Gosh this blog is dusty.

Haven’t been here in a while. I’ve been hiding and quiet and a little bit secretive. So I thought maybe now would be a good time to divulge.

A little while ago I wasn’t feeling my best. To be honest I thought it was another cyst. Seemed to be in that general area and I was generally exhausted. August was a horrendously busy month for us after all. I then came down with a stomach bug, or so I thought. I felt awful, arranged for someone to have M for me and spent the day in bed. It was whilst I was laying there quiet that I did some math… Then took a clear blue.


The word I was hoping I’d see but wasn’t expecting!  What a torrid twelve weeks I had, but here I am, 18 weeks pregnant and generally feeling very well. A damn sight better than I did when I was pregnant with M.

There have been numerous reasons for the secrecy but here I am, getting rounder and feeling the amazing little flutters.

So that’s my secret out of the bag, best Christmas present ever will be finding out the sex on the 23rd December.