Goodbye 2013

What a year you have been 2013. I can’t say I was particularly looking forward to your approach. You seemed to make an appearance in the last week of 2012 and boy didn’t you arrive with a bang. You’ve caused some major ups and downs, do you know that? Do you know some of the heartache you’ve caused? Equally, we’ve shared a few good moments too haven’t we? I’d say to you my friend, it’s been mightily love hate… would you agree?
You arrived with almost helping us loose our house, my broken wrist, major relationship issues, loosing jobs, illness for poor little M, numerous visits to hospital… yeah, don’t want to delve too far in to that do we? Old wounds and all that.

We got through that a d things improved… New contracts, renewed strength for our relationship, M being a joy to behold. New friends, old friends coming to visit, work work and more work.

Towards the latter stages we’ve had bouts of depression, medication, significant weight loss and inch loss, significant upset and loss of a baby, weight gain, tiredness, emotions… you had to get the final kick in didn’t you? 

Tell you what though, Christmas was pretty bloody fantastic though wasn’t it? It was all I hoped for and more!

So here’s to you 2013,  toast to all to bad times and the few good times you threw in. I’m pleased to see the back of you old friend, here’s to 2014. *clinks glasses* Cheers!