My body

Today, as I put on a dress that didn’t fit me last year, and made me feel incredible before I had M, I have a renewed love for my body post pregnancy.
My hips are a little wider, my boobs are a little lot bigger, my belly is a little flabbier but wow. This dress looks amazing with the extra curves. Yes, admittedly I am still a little heavier that I want to be. Still heavier than I was before I had M, but I’m getting there. The fact I couldn’t wear the dress last year is testament to the work I am putting in. I feel pretty body confident today, it’s been a while since this feeling. It feels as good as no more muffin top trousers felt.



And so it begins

Today was a gloriously sunshiny day. Makes up for the walk in the rain yesterday that’s for sure!
Today I have more than made up for lack of movement the past few days. Minus the walk yesterday (which only happened out of necessity) I’ve not don’t much since the race for life last Sunday.
Today I decided to go for a walk to my mum and dads. Not from my house good Lordy no! M and I went for a walk through the tunnels then up two of the steepest hills ever.
At the moment Pembrokeshire is host to Iron Man Wales, and they call this particular hill “Heartbreak” hill. I certainly wouldn’t want to cycle it, pushing the toddler up it was hard enough.
On our travels back we had an addition to our crew, my little sister F. She joined us. The total walk was 8.5 miles and exceptionally hilly but I enjoyed it and it made feel gooood.
So in the nature of keeping moving and it being the opportune moment to start the 10K training, I put on my running gear and set out. Today the plan said to run 15 minutes, walk 1-2 minutes then run for 15. I did that and found it okay. I know I can run for 2 miles continuous which is what the end goal is for this week. That’s a third of the way there! I’m liking this new running malarkey and feeling really bloody good!

Outdoor jog in the bag

Tonight was my first outdoor jog.
It went better than I could have expected. It lasted 40 minutes. Total of 45, the 5 minutes were walking to open the gates and then close them.

You see, I live next door to my landlady, and she is a big trotting racer. She’s constructed a trotting track to train her horses on.

It’s a fair wack around an covered in sand. It’s difficult to jog on but oh dear god did it feel good!


That’s my view and a section of the track. It felt good to get outside, the ache in my legs feels good. I feel my body has had a thorough work out. I got hot and sweaty but it didn’t seem to matter so much with the breeze.

I think I found it easier due to there being more to look at than a point on the wall.
I’ve now got the runtastic app which measures distance and time so I shall use that the next time.

I’m feeling damn good!
Here have a picture of my flushed face!


It still fits!

I have a little black dress.

Not just any little black dress. It’s a Calvin Klein dress. I love it. Really truly love it. I bought it the summer of 2010 from TK Maxx. It was a real steal. I bought it to wear to a dinner, it’s the perfect dress that can be dressed up and dressed down. It comes to the knee. I didn’t wear the dress to the dinner as I was to be Master (I called myself Mistress) of Ceremonies, and apparently needed to look more the part. I opted for my old reliable ball gown. Anyways, back to the LBD. I have worn it a grand total of twice. I have only been photographed in it once, so to many it would appear new (shh, don’t tell them otherwise!)

I am going to a Christmas Dinner on Saturday and as such need to find an outfit. I trawelled many websites, looked at many dresses, as well as trouser and blouse combos. This seasons party wear wasn’t instilling anything within. I didn’t get the wow factor, or the knowing that was the dress! I MUST HAVE THAT DRESS. Nope, non of that happened. I told the OH I wasn’t going to go, based on having nothing to wear. He told me not to be so stupid, I have a wardrobe full of clothes, I can surely find something.

Last night, I tried on my Calvin Klein dress. *KLAXON SOUNDS* IT STILL FITS! Wam bam thank you mam. I am wearing it to this blasted dinner on Saturday. It fits a little differently now. You see, when I bought the dress, M (my son) wasn’t even a glint in my eye. Heck me and his dad weren’t even together, we were just friends. Anyway, I digress, as I was saying, the dress fits differently now. My boobs are a wee bit bigger (they look even more amazing in the dress now!) my hips are a little wider, making my waist look even smaller. I have the perfect hour glass figure in this dress and I actually felt pretty bloody lovely in it. for you see, the label within the dress says it is a size 12, now I am nowhere near a size 12, but this dress dons that label, making me feel a little better. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Feeling good within yourself, well this LBD does just that!

I am going to wear flats, I have had my hair chopped off, a good 6 inches, I can no longer put it in a bobble. I am going to look good. I am hoping I will as such feel good, which will then lead to a good time. At the moment I still don’t really want to go, I don’t want to socialise, but I do have an outfit and that is a bloody good starting point!

Week 2 running. DONE!

Yes. I went. I did it.
Mainly, I would like to add because OH knew it was a run day and he handed me the keys and told me to go. So I did.
I went.
I did it. I’m pleased. I am happy that week 2 is completed. I am scared about week 3 though. Week 2 pushed my limits. Week 3 is going to damn near kill me.
Anyways that’s another day. There is time to worry about that later.
I am however craving bread and butter pudding. I made one yesterday for desert, no one ate any. But I won’t. Even though I want to.




30 day shred day seven

So today is day 7 of my shred and day 2 of Shretober.
If you read the blog post from earlier, my joints are feeling very sore. It was a job to get out of bed this morning.
I asked the lovely ladies in the Shretober Facebook group whether any of them had suffered joint pain, and should I continue?
I had lots of positive responses, general consensus was that muscular pain is normal, joint pain means I should probably take it down a notch.
I decided to push through it and just stop if the pain in the ankles/feet/toes/knees got too much.
I also decided to give level 2 a try as Jillian telling me that 400lb people can do jumping jacks was irritating me a little.
I actually quite enjoyed lovely 2, despite being told others didn’t like it. I enjoyed it, there weren’t as many jumping jacks (thank god!) and I found it slightly more challenging. I know I’m going to ache in a muscular way tomorrow. I am going to go and buy a proper wrist support for my poorly wrist (previous injury) because I’m pretty sure all the planking won’t be entirely helpful.
I also couldn’t really do the last set of abs in circuit 3, so instead I did the abs in circuit 3 from level one so they still ached and I felt I was doing some good. Better than not doing anything at all right?
I got hotter and a lot more sweaty. That’s a good sign, yes?
I’m also happy I pushed through and completed day 7 (2) I had been having a really bad day as far as my body image was concerned and had a little cry looking at myself in the mirror.
As my OH said all the hard work will pay off, it doesn’t happen over night. I need to be mindful of that.