It still fits!

I have a little black dress.

Not just any little black dress. It’s a Calvin Klein dress. I love it. Really truly love it. I bought it the summer of 2010 from TK Maxx. It was a real steal. I bought it to wear to a dinner, it’s the perfect dress that can be dressed up and dressed down. It comes to the knee. I didn’t wear the dress to the dinner as I was to be Master (I called myself Mistress) of Ceremonies, and apparently needed to look more the part. I opted for my old reliable ball gown. Anyways, back to the LBD. I have worn it a grand total of twice. I have only been photographed in it once, so to many it would appear new (shh, don’t tell them otherwise!)

I am going to a Christmas Dinner on Saturday and as such need to find an outfit. I trawelled many websites, looked at many dresses, as well as trouser and blouse combos. This seasons party wear wasn’t instilling anything within. I didn’t get the wow factor, or the knowing that was the dress! I MUST HAVE THAT DRESS. Nope, non of that happened. I told the OH I wasn’t going to go, based on having nothing to wear. He told me not to be so stupid, I have a wardrobe full of clothes, I can surely find something.

Last night, I tried on my Calvin Klein dress. *KLAXON SOUNDS* IT STILL FITS! Wam bam thank you mam. I am wearing it to this blasted dinner on Saturday. It fits a little differently now. You see, when I bought the dress, M (my son) wasn’t even a glint in my eye. Heck me and his dad weren’t even together, we were just friends. Anyway, I digress, as I was saying, the dress fits differently now. My boobs are a wee bit bigger (they look even more amazing in the dress now!) my hips are a little wider, making my waist look even smaller. I have the perfect hour glass figure in this dress and I actually felt pretty bloody lovely in it. for you see, the label within the dress says it is a size 12, now I am nowhere near a size 12, but this dress dons that label, making me feel a little better. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Feeling good within yourself, well this LBD does just that!

I am going to wear flats, I have had my hair chopped off, a good 6 inches, I can no longer put it in a bobble. I am going to look good. I am hoping I will as such feel good, which will then lead to a good time. At the moment I still don’t really want to go, I don’t want to socialise, but I do have an outfit and that is a bloody good starting point!