Hello there, I am Emily. I am a mum to two wonderful little boys. I have a crazy 3 year old known as M through out my blog, or the monster, depending on his mood and mine. We also have baby J, the newest addition to our mad house. 
This blog was originally started when I embarked on the 30 day shred, but half way through I started to feel exceptionally exhausted, lacked motivation and generally just wanted a lot of sleep. Fast forward a few weeks and I discovered I was pregnant. Unfortunately, the pregnancy was short lived and I ended up blogging about my miscarriage and how I felt along the way.
I lost focus for exercise and healthy living and general focus on life.
Come the new year and I was making some positive changes.
I made a big lifestyle choice aka my dirty little secret.
I entered race for life and have been motivated ever since.
I unfortunately had an emergency operation along the journey and had to take some forced rest.
Fast forward an epic summer of being constantly on the go and loosing weight to discover at the end of August 2014 that I would be expecting another baby.
This blog is a general mishmash of everything to do with Emily. Emilygoesforit is a place where I talk about books, parenting, life and the changes to our family by becoming a four piece.
I’m very friendly and do love a good natter. If you would like to contact me for whatever reason you can at the following email address: emilygoesforit@gmail.com
Thank you for reading.



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