Happy birthday M

Dear M, 

Yesterday was your birthday so this is a tad late. Yesterday was so busy and hectic though that I didn’t really get much of a chance to sit and write. 

You’re 4 years old now. 4! In your words you’re a “very big boy who keep growing and growing and growing!”. 

Yesterday you kept asking me this question, “mummy, are you happy I’m growing?” I told you I was. I’m a little sad too though (that I didn’t tell you). I’m a little sad because each year you get bigger you get that little bit more independent and don’t need me as much. Don’t get me wrong, this is a blessing in some respects, but some days, you’re reluctant to give me a hug or a kiss, you’re just busy being a little boy I guess. 

I can’t believe how much you’ve changed year on year. I still think of you as my baby, you will always be my baby, but I need to let you grow. I need to watch and step in when you ask, and not assume like I usually do. Although, you’re quite good at telling me when I am overstepping the mark and you can do it yourself. 

You’re clever and funny, oh so funny. 

You’re simply the best big brother and, newly discovered (to you) little bother. You’re truly amazing and have adapted to both changes breezily. 

You make daddy and I chuckle on a daily basis. You fascinate baby J, he watches you like a hawk, it won’t be long and he will be chasing you around! 

M, you’re amazing, and whilst I’m a little sad you have to inevitably grow up, I’m so proud of how you’re growing into a lovely boy. You might not want a cwtch with me today, but last night, I climbed into your bed to give you a cuddle and you wrapped your arms around me and sleepily said “I love you my mummy” well my darling boy, I love you all the world and more. You’re precious and amazing. I hope you enjoy this year ahead of being 4. You’ve been so looking forward to it. 

We love you. 

Mummy, daddy and baby J 




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