You’re a winner! 

I never ever win anything. It’s a sad fact of life, Lady Luck doesn’t ever really bless me with wins. Before baby J arrived I spent a lot of time entering Facebook competitions, and a lot in the early days. To be honest, I’ve always been of the opinion that the competitions are a bit of a con, used to just increase page likes. That was until I won! 

Yup, I won an actual Facebook competition. Me. I can tell you I actually jumped for joy, I’d won a brand new pram. This was amazing, I’d only felt a little bit pants a few days previous at having to reuse my pram from M. There is nothing wrong with that pram, I cleaned it up lovely before Jonah arrived. I know it’s my old one though and felt it looked a little grubby. So winning a pram was ace. Not just any pram though, I won a Greentom upp. If you’re not familiar with this pram, it’s the first pram ever made 100% out of recycled material. 

The company ethos of recycling filtered right through to the packaging, which was all cardboard and totally recyclable. My orange bag collection loved me. 

We love the pram. It’s so lightweight and lovely. It’s ridiculous compact when folded up too. 

It came with a travel cot, has a seat that reclines for parent facing or world facing and then converts in to an every day stroller. It’s lovely and a relief to know that this will carry me all the way through. 

I’d already ordered a snooze shade because the weather was improving and I didn’t fancy cooking the baby. The snooze shade and the pram arrived at the same time, which was great because it meant we could do this… 

M loves pushing baby J in the pram and checking on him to make sure he’s okay. He really is the best big brother and loves baby J unconditionally. Even if he has almost broken the baby a few times… That’s another blog post though. 

So yes, I won a pram. It’s really quite nifty and it certainly cheered me up no end. To steal a phrase, you’ve got to be in it to win it. I know I will be entering all the completions from now on! 
Disclaimer- I won this pram in a Facebook competition, I just wanted to tell you all how awesome the pram was and how chuffed I was to win something. 


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