Chicco launch new nappies! (Review)

Baby J and I were sent an e-mail asking us if we would like to try out some exciting new nappies, you see well known parenting brand chicco have launched nappies here in the UK! 

The Chicco dry fit nappy will be available to buy from 1,200 boots stroes across the UK today! How exciting is that? It seems fitting that Chicco would partner up with boots considering they are both leading the way in expert baby care knowledge. 

We jumped at the chance to give these nappies a try, especially as Chicco are known for their quality. We wanted to see if that transpired into the world of nappies.

Now I really struggled with nappies when it came to M. I like many others flit between brands but this time I seem to have struggled. M had super sensitive skin as a baby so when I found a brand that worked for us I stuck to it. 

Baby J seems to be going the same way in relation to his skin. Poor dab has had terrible nappy rash, so I was really starting to pull my hair out. The chicco dry fit nappies though have a fabric like external lining which is desgined to keep baby’s skin dry. This is something I have definitely found to be true in our test. J’s little bottom has gone from angry and sore to nice and clear. He’s happier during nappy changes now as I imagine nappy rash can be quite sore for littles.

On the whole we have been very impressed with these nappies. The only thing I haven’t really liked is that when he has poo’d you can see it through the nappy. Can that even be a criticism? It hasn’t leaked and has been contained expertly, but I can see when he has poo’d. This has amused M no end as he can see when he has to run away from baby J. M hasn’t quite got the fascination some toddlers do with yellow baby poo.

Baby J does seem to be a heavy night time wetter too, and they have coped remarkably well with that. I have had a good 10/12 hours of dryness. I did switch to my regular nappy half way through the test just to have true comparrison, which funnily enough saw the return of the angry red bottom. I can wholeheartledy agree that they provide maximum dryness.

The nappies start at size 1 and make their way up to size 5, which covers baby all the way through.

The size 1 nappies retail at £4.49 with stages 2 to 5 costing £7.99

We are really happy with how the test has gone and I shall be taking full advantage of the upcoming buy one get one free promotion, which will be available from the 24th June. It seems that chicco really do follow through with their excellent quality. 
Disclaimer: I have been sent these nappies free of charge in order to write an honest review. All opinions are my own.


2 thoughts on “Chicco launch new nappies! (Review)

    • I was really very impressed. The OH also explained to me why I could see he had poo’d before taking the nappy off, it’s because it’s been absorbed by the nappy, which meant it was easier to clean his bum 😂

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