16 days postpartum 

I am 16 days postpartum and am still under the care of the community midwives. As I write this, I am sat on the postnatal ward awaiting an ultrasound scan. 

5 days postpartum I told the midwife I thought I had an infection and I wasn’t feeling well. One high vaginal swab and prescription later I was on antibiotics. The results of the swab came back showing an infection. Strep C. I had been given a 5 day course of antibiotics and given hope that they would clear it. I finished the anti biotics last Wednesday and full intended on phoning someone but after a truly dreadful night with baby J it escaped me. Thursday was spent being stupidly busy and running around and ignoring pains. Again, I should have phoned. On Friday I was seen by the community midwife who wasn’t happy with me for not phoning. She sent me to the GP who was concerned by the tenderness I was feeling in my tummy, also the fact the uterus hadn’t contracted to where it should be. I was also still not feeling right. After 45 minutes on the phone to numerous people he informed the postnatal ward I was coming up. 

I arrived, I didn’t want to be there. Bloods were done, another high vsginal swab and I was going to be scanned on Monday. The bloods came back normal so I was sent on my way saying that the scan and swab will tell us more. I hadn’t heard anything yesterday so the community midwife phoned the ward who then got a midwife on the ward to phone me… I had two options, either be admitted or come in at 8am Tuesday morning. I obviously opted for the latter. Unfortunately, I had to be assessed by the community midwife first. This led to her once again being unhappy and her telling me I was to be admitted. I packed my bag and a bag for baby J. Off we trundled. We arrived at a little after 6… To be told I may not be admitted… Ffs!!! I had to wait to see a doctor. 12.45am I saw a doctor, the infection is still there. I still need a scan and I was admitted to the ward. 

It is now 1400 and I still haven’t been scanned. I am still unaware of what’s going on and feel I have been forgotten about. I feel like I’m wasting everyone’s time. I’m missing M and I want to be at home. I also desperately want to know what’s going on with my body. I’m on more antibiotics now too. My tummy hurts and I have spent a little while crying. With the luck I have, it was glaringly obvious something had to go wrong after such a good delivery. Marvellous. So that’s where we are. 16 days postpartum. Baby J is thriving and mummy is falling to bit. 


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