Two weeks in

We are two weeks in to our adventure of being a family of four. What an adventure it’s turning out to be. 

I am exhausted. It’s exhausting and no one can prepared you for how exhausting it is. I’m ridiculously happy there is a 3.5 year age gap between the boys because it’s making it a little easier to explain stuff to M. He has been a great libel helper by fetching me nappies and the like. He loves his little brother very much, which is devine, he just doesn’t seem to grap that J won’t be able to play yet. 

M is pretty exhausted from the last two weeks. Routine has been disturbed massively. He’s short tempered on times and as such tantrums have been happening far more than we are used to. During a tantrum his favourite proclamation at the moment is “no, I don’t want you, daddy or Jonah anymore”. He gets himself in a heck of a state. Whilst he’s obviously in love with J, the changes are taking their toll. I am looking forward to him going back to preschool after half term. I think the routine will do him good. My only worry is, G is beyond busy with work. We are down to one vehicle, it only has 2 seats. G is on about doing some night shifts… All well and good, except I can’t take M to school… Not et having to look after J too. We still have a fair bit to work out. 

I am exhausted. The fact J is feeding every 2/3 hours is hard. By the time I feed him, wind him and wind back down I’m getting an hour, hour and a half if I’m lucky. Twice I’ve managed 3.5 hours sleep in a row, and after each of those nights we’ve had a terrible night to make up for it. I’ve also been poorly and on antibiotics but that doesn’t mean I’ve been able to stop. I still have to be a mum to two boys and solo parent with G working so much. It’s been tough, but I’m coping well apparently. Apart from the occasional rant to my mum. My infection and pain and what not don’t appear to have cleared though. There are muttering a of there being retained products… I had bloods taken and a swab at the hospital last night. I’m thankful I wasn’t admitted. I will have a scan in the week and then we will know what we are dealing with. 

J has been very windy and proving difficult to wind. I’ve introduced dentinox colic drops in to feeds to try help. He has been dreadfully sick and is still bringing up mucus, but winding is easier. His cord dropped off and now his belly button is looking red so I’m having to keep it beyond clean. I don’t want the baban ending up with an infection. He loves a good cwtch and is thriving. He’s put more weight on and is now just shy of 9lb 4oz. This is smashing, he’s also 54cm in length! Mental. He’s a beautiful boy and has stolen all our hearts. This last two weeks have been equal parts hard to amazing. I’m going with the flow, trying to not be too snappy with M and trying not to cry too much. Tiredness is a bitch for the amount I cry. We are coping well though, for now we will just middle along. It’s bound to get easier right? 


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