I had a baby this weekend 

As weekends go, this one has been pretty special. We’ve welcomed the newest addition to our family. Baby J arrived safely Sunday 17th May, at 0625 weighing in at 8lb 15oz. 

This is what went down… 

On Friday I was feeling really rubbish and browsing the internet where I discovered I had been bathing in the clary sage oil all wrong. I had just been adding it in to my bath, not realising that because it’s an oil, all it would do would be to sit on the surface of the water… Duh. Makes sense when I think about it, apparently, what I needed to do was add some milk in so that the oil would then mix in with the water. Friday night at 2030 I added a cup full of milk to my bath. I started to get pains, intense period pains around 0200. G was out so I phoned him to see where he was, he’d go stuck and was hoping to be home by 0300. Sure enough he got home okay, by this time I was getting actual contractions. They really did feel different. I was sleeping but not properly because in my dream I was in labour, I think my subconscious was letting me know, because when I woke up properly the contractions were still coming. They continued on, growing in length and strength. I was pretty convinced at 0800 that I would be phoning my mum asking her to have M for me. Low and behold, they stopped. I was devastated, actually convinced I was in labour because they felt nothing like before. I napped and dozed where possible on Saturday. Looked after M, potted around, had another bath, minus the clary sage. We had a friend come over, he dared to joke it looked like I had twins in my bump, I threatened to cut his genitals off… I’m nice aren’t I? 

I put M to bed and my contractions seemed to start all over again. They were a fair distance apart so I wasn’t too bothered. Convinced now that nothing was actually going to happen. G ordered me an Indian to cheer me up, which was nice. He got back with the takeaway, the contractions were getting closer and as I ate I told him I was going to regret it. 2130 I felt awful, the contractions were all in my back and I was struggling. I phoned my mum to get M, it was a good job I did. By the time I phoned the unit and mum arrived my contractions were 4 minutes apart. On our way to the hospital they shortened again. They were now 2/3minutes apart but all in my back. It was torturous. On the assessment ward the midwife was utterly convinced she would check me and then I’d be off to labour war. How wrong was she. 2300 and I was only 2cm dilated. I had another bath and cried a lot and started To get upset my everything. They were so frequent now I was sure that progress had been made. 0000, no change. Devastated… Then came the offer of drugs. Entinox please. It helped a little, I love the stuff though and was quickly off my face. Much hilarity happened but at 0130 there was still no change to my cervix. Baby and I were back to back. It was halting my progress. I had some pethedin then to try and relax me. It’s at this point I feel I blacked out. I don’t remember much. I know G went to McDonald’s and bought me a smoothie but I don’t remember much of the conversation I had with him. Finally though at 0430 I was 4cm dilated. Off to labour ward I go sounding like a demented cow. “Give me an epidural now please!!” 

So there I was, in agony and they tried twice to get the epidural in. Finally in and I thought I was about to get instant relief to be told “it’s not working, sorry” marvellous. Oh well, I felt I needed to push anyway. Demented cow noises once more and I appeared to be giving birth. Actually shouted several times I couldn’t do it. The burning sensation was awful, but productive. Once the head was out it all happened in a blur. Next thing I knew I had my beautiful baby boy on my chest. He is perfect. He was covered in light meconium because he’s got a bit distressed love him, I’m not surprised. We survived we did it and in end I got a birth that I wanted. I’m actually ridiculously pleased the epidural failed. It meant recovery time was quicker and wow… That pain was productive and good and I felt like a super hero. No tear! I didn’t tear like I did with M. Hooked up to a drip to prevent a PPH. No PPH. I felt amazing. I feel amazing today. I’m sore but a good sore. I’m tired but a good tired and now, I get to enjoy my family!! And, the best bit, no stressing out over induction. 


6 thoughts on “I had a baby this weekend 

  1. Ahhhhh hurrah!!!!! I’m so happy that you ended up with the birth you wanted lovely and that your little guy arrived safely!!! Sounds like you’re recovering amazingly too that’s so so nice!
    Huge congratulations again lovely lady!! Xx

  2. Ah, fab. I’m so glad it went so well, without any of the tearing and PPH drama (I had a tear first time and a PPH last time so I’m hoping for no drama too). You did brilliantly!

  3. Wow! What a story! I can relate to the feelings of pure agony when finding out my cervix wasn’t dilating. That’s the worst! I’ve had “back labor” several times, and the pain in the spine is excruciating. You did GREAT! And congrats on your precious baby boy!

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