5 days over 

Today I am 5 days over. 

Yesterday M was gloriously sick. He seemed to recover quite well in the afternoon, which is good. He had a fitful night of crying on and off. This morning he was saying how his tummy was still hurting. I was convinced it was because he was hungry. We got up, I made him toast and some juice. 10 minutes after and I heard…. “Mummy quick, I need to do sick” and so sick he did…. 

Rock and a hard place. He is still not right. I had my midwife appointment at 11. Hard decision time. I decided to refuse the sweep. 

I had to. I’m hoping he is going to feel better soon but I am needed by him right now. He needs mummy. 

So, my BP was fine. Urine fine. I cried in front of the midwife. She measured bump. Bump is measuring on the 90th centile now. He’s going to bigger than his brother. I feel it. 

I cried some more. The consultant said I would be induced at term +10. I’m actually being induced at term +12. This has stressed me out a little. 

I am crying a lot and short tempered and have generally just resigned myself to the fact I’m going to end up being induced. So that’s me at this stage. Big, sore and tired all the time. 


6 thoughts on “5 days over 

  1. oooohhhh i hope baby makes an appearance soon, nothing worse than being overdue. my boy was 4 days over and i feared i may pop! i hope it all happens for you without any need for induction. glad your boy is feeling better too x #midweekmixup

    • Thank you for taking the time to read 🙂
      I’m nervous about the prospect of induction because M was 14 days over in total. 4 days of being induced and a big baby to boot. I just don’t want to go through what I did with him. Here’s hoping this little man gets the hint soon 😉 x

  2. Poor you, hopefully he comes soon and without the need for induction, my little man was 9 days over and I finally had him after a failed 4 day induction …lucky the end product is so wonderful and worth all the discomfort!

  3. teentweentoddler1 says:

    Oh lovely you’re having it rough. I really hope M feels better soon and baby comes with no need for induction ((big hugs)) x

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