I am 4 days overdue. It’s quite rubbish. 

Last week I had food poisoning (suspected) that really wiped me for six. I’ve been so tired since. I’ve been sleeping like a log which is wonderful. 

M is poorly today, he’s been dreadfully sick and has a poorly tummy, but he seems to be perking up this afternoon which is good. 

I’m fed up. Generally just fed up. I feel so so pregnant. There’s a heck of a baby in my tummy. My skin is still stretching to accommodate him and it’s been hurting with the stretching. 

I’m upset because I really really didn’t think I would get this far. I have the midwife again tomorrow so will be term+5… It’s my final stretch and sweep. Then I will have to be induced. Term +10 will be the 18th May. That’s Monday. That means I could potentially have a week in hospital which is not something I relish the though of. I don’t want to be away from M for that long. I don’t want a drawn out labour. I’m worst case scenario thinking now. Why is my body a little bit rubbish at the last hurdle. If I get told tomorrow my cervix is the same I met actually break something. I’ve had some really quite painful Braxton hicks again over the past few days but alas, they’re just practice ones. Damn this body of mine. 


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