Remaining positive 

Since the appointment no baby has arrived. Progress has been made though. 

Friday I experienced 8 hours of contractions for them to stop dead. I may have cried. I was bitterly disappointed. One of those things isn’t it? 

Saturday I had more twinges and pains, lost a little more plug and generally carried on with my day. In the evening though I though I had a trickle of water. I couldn’t tell if I was wetting myself or what. Turned to Twitter for help. Maternity pad on, lay down and assess. I fell asleep. I managed a good nights sleep really, woke up a few times to contraction type pain. Then lost all my plug, there honestly can’t be much more. Conclusion for Saturday night is discharge, very watery discharge. 

Yesterday after the plug, I had pains on and off through out the day but couldn’t relax because I ended up going to a trotting event with the OH. More for safety sake really, just in case. Came home, slobbed out. Ate pizza. Slept. Woke up with awful belly, boiling hot and feeling like I was dying. Not a great night in the end. 

Today we went swimming. 3 hours of glorious weightlessness. It felt magical. Although I have had some brownish coloured discharge. I’m thinking old blood? Membranes? Who knows, I’m monitoring it though and it’s only occasional, generally after an earth shattering pain. 

I am now having very mild contractions which appear to be in my back as opposed to in my front. 

I’ve jumped in to bed with a bar of cadburys caramel to cheer me up. All that being said though, I’m positive. I’m feeling positive. I’m. It cursing yet. Progress has been made after the sweep and if I don’t have a baby tonight or tomorrow, I have another sweep on Wednesday. Midwife willing. The consultant has written please. I’m going to beg if I do make the appointment. 

I’m positive things are moving along, albeit slowly. This is all so new to me because I had 4 failed sweeps, 2 lots of pessary, gel, and then eventual drip with M. I can’t remember a lot apart from the epidural disaster and the prostin pains were so alien and out of no where. I have nothing to compare what I’m feeling now to. I am smiling and just hoping its soon and doesn’t end in induction. If I’m induced I have a feeling I will cave and end up having an epidural and perhaps going through all that trauma again and I so desperately want to avoid that. 

For now, keep things crossed for me, or uncrossed really, we want him out. 

Sorry if you’re all getting sick of me. Especially those of you unfortunate enough to follow me on Twitter too hah. 


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