Pregnancy pillow: A review

I have majorly been struggling with sleep thanks to my SPD. It was getting to the point I was willing to try anything. It got so bad that I was lying on one side for an hour, having to roll over on to the other side for an hour and repeat. Only in between, I had a cry and a few choice words to make, which ultimately disturbed the OH massively. 

Then along comes the classic u shaped pregnancy pillow from the lovely folks at Pregnancy pillow. I was sent this pillow to try and help me sleep. When it arrived I was so excited I jumped back in to bed and managed to sleep for 3 hours solid. Hurrah! 

The material of the pillow is plush. It’s fleecyesq, it’s like being embraced in a massive cwtch. It’s big, it takes up a good portion of my double bed, OH does still have room to sleep though. I opted for a black one with hollow fibers so it was more pillow like. It’s offered great support. I tend to wedge myself in the middle, with one leg wrapped around the length so it’s between my legs. The other part of the U then offers support to my back which has made turning over in bed a lot easier. 

For the purpose of wanting to be honest I slept for a few nights without my pillow and I really didn’t have the relevant support. OH and I ended up having majorly disturbed sleep. 

I am not saying it’s a miracle cure because I have had a few rough nights with the pillow too, with the SPD it depends on what I’ve done in the day. If I’ve really pushed it, I don’t think it would matter where I slept, sleep doesn’t come. It has massively helped though, if I can get 3 good nights sleep out of 7 I feel like I’m winning. M loves it too, he likes sleeping in it, occasionally I’ve found him in my bed cuddling “mummy’s special pillow”. 

I am so greatful to have received this pillow, it’s massively helped. I can thoroughly recommend it. I just wish I’d thought to look into something like it sooner. I’ve had it nearly 3 weeks now and am in love with my pillow. 

As I’ve said above, I received this pillow to give an honest review. All opinions are my own. 


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