Bloody hormones

today has mostly been spent crying. Again. 

I cried because my sister seemed snappy, I cried because G didn’t give me a hug (I hadn’t asked for one, or approached for one… Yup I’m mental), I cried because of back pain. I cried because I had been to the toilet 6 times in less than 15 minutes. I cried because I ache. I cried because I cried…. These hormones are knocking me for six. 

I feel like I’ve been hit by a bus. My body seems to be constantly testing me. 

Period pain. Back ache. Braxton hicks. Contractions? Irregular but painful. More period pain. Back ache subsides. Crushing back pain…. Then I’ve had the ” hold on to baby a bit longer, don’t want him coming out whilst G is on the course”. Gaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!! 

So then I cried some more. 

Can’t win. M thinks it’s hilarious. I just want some normality and to have the house ready so I can bring my baby home to a nice place. 

Bloody hormones. They’re wrecking me. 


One thought on “Bloody hormones

  1. Oh no! It’s not easy being out of control of your emotions, as happens in pregnancy. I would cry at the most ridiculous things, much to my husband’s amusement! Not much longer and you’ll hopefully see the end of the aches and pains and instead have a beautiful baby to focus on 🙂

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