The consultant appointment

the consultant appointment that nearly wasn’t… 

It went well. I feel positive. 

He listened. We agreed. 

So things I know: I will not be going over my due date 

I am going to be having an internal examination and a stretch and sweep in 3 weeks time. I will be 38+6 weeks pregnant when that happens. If nothing progresses over that weekend, I will be induced that week. That means I could potentially have my baby before or on his actual due date. Not after. This is good. 

I have been told that if it gets all too much and I deteriorate any more then I am to go to the hospital. He wanted to see me in two weeks time but he is on annual leave. 

He offered to see me next week to do an internal examination but G panicked because he’s on a course and he wouldn’t be able to get back easily. Hence why in three weeks. 

The consultant listened to my long list of pains. He thinks the fact I’ve been getting painful Braxton hicks is ace. He’s fine with the period pain, and what I described to him as happening last week, he agrees it probably was part of my plug. He thinks all of this means my body will respond positively in 3 weeks time. He advised that once reaching 37 weeks I try all the old wives tales. Loads of sex, pineapple, raspberry leaf tea, all the fun stuff. 

Baby is indeed heading in the right direction, he is a chunk though. He’s currently approx 7.7lbs he’s on course to be as big as his brother but the hope is with the stretch and sweep that I will end up with him a little earlier than the appearance his brother made, so hopefully slightly smaller. I’d be happy with baby being in the 8lb region. At least that’s smaller than M was. 

I do feel a little better for sure. G was ace in there. I just wish he wasn’t on the sodding course because maybe things could have been started a little sooner but, it’s like I said, if baby is ready and I do feel he’s getting ready, maybe I will go in to labour naturally? Who knows. 


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