Pregnancy pillow: A review

I have majorly been struggling with sleep thanks to my SPD. It was getting to the point I was willing to try anything. It got so bad that I was lying on one side for an hour, having to roll over on to the other side for an hour and repeat. Only in between, I had a cry and a few choice words to make, which ultimately disturbed the OH massively. 

Then along comes the classic u shaped pregnancy pillow from the lovely folks at Pregnancy pillow. I was sent this pillow to try and help me sleep. When it arrived I was so excited I jumped back in to bed and managed to sleep for 3 hours solid. Hurrah! 

The material of the pillow is plush. It’s fleecyesq, it’s like being embraced in a massive cwtch. It’s big, it takes up a good portion of my double bed, OH does still have room to sleep though. I opted for a black one with hollow fibers so it was more pillow like. It’s offered great support. I tend to wedge myself in the middle, with one leg wrapped around the length so it’s between my legs. The other part of the U then offers support to my back which has made turning over in bed a lot easier. 

For the purpose of wanting to be honest I slept for a few nights without my pillow and I really didn’t have the relevant support. OH and I ended up having majorly disturbed sleep. 

I am not saying it’s a miracle cure because I have had a few rough nights with the pillow too, with the SPD it depends on what I’ve done in the day. If I’ve really pushed it, I don’t think it would matter where I slept, sleep doesn’t come. It has massively helped though, if I can get 3 good nights sleep out of 7 I feel like I’m winning. M loves it too, he likes sleeping in it, occasionally I’ve found him in my bed cuddling “mummy’s special pillow”. 

I am so greatful to have received this pillow, it’s massively helped. I can thoroughly recommend it. I just wish I’d thought to look into something like it sooner. I’ve had it nearly 3 weeks now and am in love with my pillow. 

As I’ve said above, I received this pillow to give an honest review. All opinions are my own. 



for those who follow me on Twitter, I do apologise. I’ve been going on a bit about all the pains and niggles I’ve been getting. 

I’ve been wondering if I’m in very early stages of labour. If you don’t want to read some grossness, leave now. I have warned you. 

Over a week ago now we were in tesco and I had a horrendous pain/tightening. The way I likened it to G was that I felt like I was on my period and something major was going on. Off I popped to the loo and when I wiped I had some mucous. It looked like snot and was a bit grim but I took it as a positive. Since then I’ve been getting braxton hicks. They feel weird but aren’t overly painful. 

I’ve been trundling on, I saw the consultant, he seemed pleased with the pains I was describing. 

Yesterday and last night I felt awful. The pain was there and it wasn’t going away. I went to my mums and had a wonderful bath and still had the pain. I went home and went to bed. Several times I woke in the night and felt like I was bleeding. Then I remembered I was pregnant so it wasn’t my period. I’ve always suffered horrendous periods and horrendous period pains. They debilitating. I have to take several strong pain killers to cope and not die in a ball. Always, always before my period my bowls empty in spectacular fashion. Well, my bowls haven’t stopped emptying for 2 days. Originally I thought it was a bug, now, I don’t think that. I think it’s my body clearing itself. 

I took to Twitter and general consensus was phone someone. I managed to get hold of my very favourite midwife who told me to go see her. I love her. She’s ace and so kind. 

She thoroughly checked me. Checked my urine which was showing a trace of protein so she wanted me to do a MSU sample to send off. No problem. She checked my BP, it was beautiful 110/70 which seems to be standard for me whilst pregnant. She explained to me too that with second babies heads don’t engage until women are in active labour. So at least I know it’s now active and imminent. She wanted me to be seen by a doctor though because the period pain had moved around to my back. The ANC were too busy so I had a GP appointment. GP checked my vitals, all fine. Happy with baby too. She said there is a lot of baby in there. She said that the stabbing in my urethra when baby moves is him pressing on something he shouldn’t. I thought that anyways. She also said the bowl movements could be caused by him pressing on something, but equally it could be my body preparing. She said not a lot could be done until the MSU came back but she isn’t totally convinced it’s an infection. In fact she wasn’t entirely sure what was going on. She said that I’m coming up to term (Friday/tomorrow, I’m 37 weeks) so it could well be baby. 

The pain subsided this afternoon but right now it’s back. It’s in my back though and seems to fade in and out a bit. I do know baby is partially back to back so maybe that’s why. I’ve had a few tightenings that have taken my breath away. I am positive that my body is wanting to get this baby out. I think he wants to come out. I’m sure I won’t reach my DD. I am trying to trust my instincts. It’s hard when I don’t have anything to compare it too. Induction pains, from what I remember, felt nothing like this. 

Operation #gettingthisbabyout is happening. Have all crossed for me, and apologies if I annoy you. 

Bloody hormones

today has mostly been spent crying. Again. 

I cried because my sister seemed snappy, I cried because G didn’t give me a hug (I hadn’t asked for one, or approached for one… Yup I’m mental), I cried because of back pain. I cried because I had been to the toilet 6 times in less than 15 minutes. I cried because I ache. I cried because I cried…. These hormones are knocking me for six. 

I feel like I’ve been hit by a bus. My body seems to be constantly testing me. 

Period pain. Back ache. Braxton hicks. Contractions? Irregular but painful. More period pain. Back ache subsides. Crushing back pain…. Then I’ve had the ” hold on to baby a bit longer, don’t want him coming out whilst G is on the course”. Gaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!! 

So then I cried some more. 

Can’t win. M thinks it’s hilarious. I just want some normality and to have the house ready so I can bring my baby home to a nice place. 

Bloody hormones. They’re wrecking me. 

The consultant appointment

the consultant appointment that nearly wasn’t… 

It went well. I feel positive. 

He listened. We agreed. 

So things I know: I will not be going over my due date 

I am going to be having an internal examination and a stretch and sweep in 3 weeks time. I will be 38+6 weeks pregnant when that happens. If nothing progresses over that weekend, I will be induced that week. That means I could potentially have my baby before or on his actual due date. Not after. This is good. 

I have been told that if it gets all too much and I deteriorate any more then I am to go to the hospital. He wanted to see me in two weeks time but he is on annual leave. 

He offered to see me next week to do an internal examination but G panicked because he’s on a course and he wouldn’t be able to get back easily. Hence why in three weeks. 

The consultant listened to my long list of pains. He thinks the fact I’ve been getting painful Braxton hicks is ace. He’s fine with the period pain, and what I described to him as happening last week, he agrees it probably was part of my plug. He thinks all of this means my body will respond positively in 3 weeks time. He advised that once reaching 37 weeks I try all the old wives tales. Loads of sex, pineapple, raspberry leaf tea, all the fun stuff. 

Baby is indeed heading in the right direction, he is a chunk though. He’s currently approx 7.7lbs he’s on course to be as big as his brother but the hope is with the stretch and sweep that I will end up with him a little earlier than the appearance his brother made, so hopefully slightly smaller. I’d be happy with baby being in the 8lb region. At least that’s smaller than M was. 

I do feel a little better for sure. G was ace in there. I just wish he wasn’t on the sodding course because maybe things could have been started a little sooner but, it’s like I said, if baby is ready and I do feel he’s getting ready, maybe I will go in to labour naturally? Who knows. 


Went to see the midwife today. Had a bit of a cry and started to tell her my fears. 

She made a note in my notes about me being teary. 

She also got through to the correct department to find out when I was supposed to see the consultant… Tomorrow. 

Felt guilty then because if you’re seeing the consultant you don’t need to see the midwife in the same well but I mentioned I hadn’t received the letter. 

My obs were fine and as such this made her unconcerned with the pains again. I hope I get listened to tomorrow. 

Feeling confused

I feel confused. My head is all over the place. 

One minute I’m up, the next minute I’m down. My body and hormones aren’t my friend at the moment and it is causing me to feel confused. 

I’ve been shouty and cross as well as overly emotional. I am 35 weeks pregnant tomorrow and still haven’t had my consultant appointment through the post. It’s making me nervous. 

I feel so confused and all over the place. I’m convinced my mucus plug has started breaking away and to go with that I’ve had what I think are contractions. I am confused.