SLT review and the week since 

Last week was an exhausting week. I was ill and moody much of it. The chest infection was firmly still in place and G was working all the hours God sends. I was solo parenting much like I have been since I’ve been off work and I struggled. I couldn’t get out of bed let alone get M to school. I felt rubbish. Friday came along and the anti biotics seemed to be working a little and I managed to get us to his SLT review. He was a lot calmer this time because I could prepare him for what was going to happen. The good news is that his speech and communication skills have improved tenfolds. I knew this from how others are actually understanding him now, and the fact he doesn’t ever stop talking. Mainly to ask “why?” 

That was good. I mentioned about some of his behavioural traits though and M is being refered to see apaediatrician to see if he falls on the ASD spectrum. The speech therapist is also going to go to M’s pre school to observe him. If you followed on Twitter you many have seen mention that M has been on the cloud a lot. They have a visual chart in school for naughty, ok and good behaviour. The cloud being naughty, sun being okay and rainbow being good/excellent. 

I was getting concerned because this has been upsetting M a lot so I had a chat to see what’s going on. M isn’t coping in big group activities and lashes out sometimes. He’s a very affectionate boy though and loves giving cuddles. He’s distracted by loud noises. He hates seeing others upset. He’s easily led. Basically he’s been on the cloud for not listening or getting distracted by someone or for pushing someone away when in a large group. This is all stuff I get, but I had explained to them my worries about M after the picked up on his communication issues. 

I told this all to the speech therapist, she could see that M gets distracted by noises. She asked about it in more detail. M hates hand dryers, they are too noisy. He covered his ears and used to cry. He doesn’t cry at the sound anymore. If our dog goes particularly mental when the postman/courier/someone new comes to the door, M covers his ears and screams. Not all the time, if I’m in the room he’s fine. If I’m not, all hell breaks loose. He doesn’t like loud lorries. They hurt his ears (his words) so we have a sensitivity to noise. 

He’s very affectionate and caring, he happily plays on his own. M needs to know everything though. If he’s going to stay at my parents or G’s parents house I have to explain what will happen. If I tell him I’m going to drive him there but they come to pick him up, melt down. If he’s been told he’s allowed to do something and it changes, melt down. If something out of the ordinary happens. Melt down. When I was working nights I had to explain to him that daddy would be getting him up otherwise all hell would break loose. 

M loves playing with cars and tractors and his toy figurines. Especially policemen and ambulance men. He calls me his girl. He’s excited about the new baby. He’s a bundle of joy and delight but some days he’s hard work. Some days he seems to be totally within himself and it doesn’t matter what I say or do. My boy is amazing, this could all be normal but it feels a little off somehow. Whatever happens he’s my boy and I will anything for him. 

This week he’s missed preschool again though. Monday I took him to the doctors because his chest seemed bad again, we were told it was viral. That night he was sick all night, it was horrendous. Tuesday night he had an allergic reaction so had to be taken to a and e. Wednesday he was off because of the stupidly late night of Tuesday but then I had my stupid accident (won’t bore you with the details again) so yesterday was a write off too. He isn’t in on a Friday so it’s been a weird couple of weeks. 

How am I? I’m exhausted. I’m sore and 33 weeks pregnant. I’m smiling though, that’s something right? 


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