“He appears to be sucking the life out of you” 

Getting to my midwife appointment today was a struggle. I still feel rotten. Nothing new there. It took over 45 minutes to shower and get dressed this morning and then I was spent. Exhausted. 

I get there, after having a very rude woman barge me out of the way. “Yeah, don’t worry about it, I’m only pregnant and on crutches, push past me all you like” that is what I said. She didn’t respond. She’s lucky I didn’t hit her. They would have required energy though. 

Get upstairs to be told clinic is running an hour behind. By the time I got seen, it was two hours. 

I feel like I waste their time massively. Luckily it was the midwife I love. She only lives down the road so was happy to listen. She remembered my pregnancy with M to which she said “it’s going the same isn’t it? M sucked the life out of you and it appears this baby is doing the same” 

Very true. I cried. Bump is measuring two weeks ahead so bang on with the scan I had the other day. My urine was fine and my BP was fine. I really don’t get how it can be so different manually to on a machine. I am to be seen in two weeks time. I have also been tomd to get back to the GP. She is worried about the fact I’ve been this ill for nigh on 4 weeks. She’s told me to get an appointment tomorrow or else. I am worried the GP will think I’m wasting their time though. However, I can’t really go on much longer feeling so bloody rough. One day at a time. For now I shall cry a little more and moan on. It has been noted in my notes how much pain I’m in with the SPD though which is massively positive. Keep writing it down ladies. 


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