Still poorly

i am still ill. How is this even fair? 

I’ve had two lots of anti biotics and steroids and I’m still ill. I want to weep but doing that hurts my head. I’m bring a rubbish parent to M and if I had someone who would take him for the day I would sieze the opportunity. 

I have such a bad headache that moving my head is torture. My face aches. All around my eyes, my cheeks, my mouth. My face hurts. I’m now, not only coughing up green, I’m blowing out green too. I can barely walk still from the other day so I look like the hunch back of notredam too. Taking M to tesco yesterday was a poor move on my part, but you know, food. 

I have been getting that torturous pain in my right side again which is making me panic. Thanks google. 

I’m just poorly and fed up of being poorly. I really do just want a week in bed. Not going to happen though. 


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