Fed up

I am fed up. 

I know it will all be worth it when baby gets here, I really do I’m just so fed up. 

It’s my fault. I pushed myself far too much yesterday. I had a day of chores and driving a fairly long distance to help the other half out. I was child free for the night so any sensible person would have gone to bed. Especially considering the fact I’d had a dreadful night sleep the night before. What did I do? I went out. I dared to socialise. Without my crutches. I am a tool. 

There was much standing and waddling but also some laughter. I had many compliments telling me how good I looked and how I had a glow. I could tell by 11pm last night I would be in agony today, the other half assured me though that I could take today off and rest. 

Then he got a phone calls 

“I’m ill, I can’t work tonight” 

Great… So he’s having to work. Which means he is still in bed and I’m barely able to move around the house even with my crutches. I’m waiting for the small one to return home. I’ve had several text messages from staff and I’m quite frankly done. 

I’m in too much pain to function properly. I have no bread in the house and I really need to go to the shop to get a few bits, but it isn’t possible. I’m a crying sore mess and I have no one to blame apart from myself. 

I am just fed up. Yes, baby will be worth it, but is it really too much to ask to be able to socialise for a few hours and not be a totally broken mess today? 


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