Potty training the boy. Part 3


I am so proud of my little man. Today is the first full dry day. Not one accident. Poo’s in the potty. Wee’s in the potty. Asking to use the toilet when out.
He is amazing. I am so flippin’ proud. 5 days in and dry. I’m not saying it’s done, I understand that relapses happen, but I’m still beyond proud.
So happy.
Tomorrow will be a real test for him, and I’m a bit nervous about it. He’s going to my parents in law. I just hope they listen to him and he asks and he keeps up the hard work.
I’m also beyond terrified of him going back to preschool next week. I think he would be so upset if he had an accident in school, I’m just praying that they keep an eye on them. I am going to explain it to them on Monday and then pray….
He mentioned today how he really wants a boy care bear. If he has an amazing week next week I think I am going to get it for him, he deserves a reward. He’s ace.


4 thoughts on “Potty training the boy. Part 3

    • I am, I’m happy because we waited a bit longer. He’s taken to it really quickly. Other attempts have been ridiculously stressful. People also tell you to do it sooner and stuff so I am very proud of him yes 🙂

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