Potty training the boy cont.

This is certainly a crazy adventure. One I’m pleased we waited to embark on. Like I said in my previous post here we had attempted to try before but it was stressful and traumatic for both of us.
Tuesday was a way better day than Monday, he seemed to understand needing the loo and we had the first poo! This is something I’m super proud of because I’d heard that poo was a difficult one to master.
Accidents were 4 total but part of that was my fault, I didn’t hear him.
One thing I have noticed is he is reluctant to use the potty, but will if I ask and explain that someone is already in the bathroom like yesterday.
Yesterday, G really annoyed me.
He knows that’s M is potty training and I’m not saying don’t use the bathroom and shower, life doesn’t stop because we have a potty trainer. However, I had explained the G that am was reluctant to use the potty. Anyway, M pee’d and Gary showered. Only thing is, M decided he needed the loo again! I banged the bathroom door, G said 5 minutes. M couldn’t wait. I explained he needed to use the potty and he did! Hurrah! Also aces because he needed a poo.
I was super annoyed though, 50 minutes in the shower! Doesn’t he know he also lives with a pregnant lady? Haha. My annoyance subsided because I was so proud of M.
All day yesterday there was only 1 accident!
We have a total of 2 pairs of pants that have had to be thrown away.
We are also able to use the loo out and about, no he realises that I am not going to let him fall down the toilet and flush him away.
Today’s is going well too. He’s doing great. I was worried when we went to the doctors because some of his friends were there. He was playing and being loud, I thought he’d forget for sure. He did say as we were leaving and he went. He’s amazing.
Hindsight is a wonderful thing, I’m happy we’ve waited this long. My little M is ace.


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