Potty training the boy

Yup, M is a bit late to this party but he seems ready now. This is the most ready he has ever been. He is no longer afraid of the toilet, which helps and he’s able to communicate effectively. Something that I regarded at important. Something I was told makes no difference. Tell me though, how can a child who can’t tell you what they need, tell you they need a pee?
Anyways, we are here. I have set myself the goal of February half term. He is 3 and 3 months old.
He loves wearing his big boy pants and loves the praise he gets from going to the toilet. Another indicator he’s ready? He understands that accidents happen and it is not something to be afraid of. He knows that I’m not cross and he knows that he can try again. That’s why after accident number one in town, he was happy for me to just change his pants and trousers.
The second accident wasn’t his fault either, we were at my mums, I took ill (that’s another blog post) and it was overlooked that he asked for a wee. Not his fault. Again, happy for me to change his pants and trousers.
The third was in the car. To be fair, that was my fault. He’s just chugged a load of juice and then I shove him in the car and stop at the petrol station and he did it in the car.
The fourth was the gross one. He poo’d in a pair of pants. The pants are now in the bin. There was no way I could salvage those. I’m just happy that he wasn’t afraid to open his bowls, but he is aware that it should also go in the toilet like pee.
I asked pretty much every half hour today whether he needed to go. I’m going to make that a little longer tomorrow and do it that way. Twice though he told me he needed to go, that was this afternoon, when he was recognising the urge. So day one, a success in my eyes.


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