Funny things the toddler says

Today, M has been on top form.

Actually hilarious. He really has brightened my day.

Today is the first day that M has reccounted one of his dreams. He seemed ever so confused that I was telling him it was all okay now because he was awake. It obviously felt very real to him.

We were getting washed and dressed when he suddenly flung himself at me. He squeezed me tight and this is how the converation went.

M: I missed you so much my mummy

Emily: I am here sweetie

M: No my mummy, I missed you when I went to sleep at the rabbit house. I was in the rabbit house and all the animals talked all night. I miss you and mine daddy.

Emily: The animals talked all night did they?

*Getting animated* M: Yes! all night, in the dark. All night, noisy animals and I missed you. I missed my Roguey (our dog) and mine daddy.

Emily: It’s okay, it was a dream, you’re awake and safe now and mummy and daddy are here.

M: My mummy, I no go back to the rabbit house please

So… that was M’s dream about sleeping in a rabbit house with lots of noisey animals.

We were then on our way to do a little bit of shopping and drove past the park where M reccounted a time last year he went to the park with his daddy.

M: My mummy, I went to the park, I was a lion *roars loudly*

Emily: Wow, you did didn’t you?

M: Yes, daddy helped me. I sit on daddys lap. I hurted my leg.

Emily: Oh did you?

Daddy: He fell of the chair when he was having his face painted, so I put him on my lap.

M: Yes my daddy. I cried.

Emily: Oh no.

M: Yes my mummy, look, look me.

*I turn around to look at him sat in the back*

M: Look, like this *M then proceedes to scrunch up his face and pretent to cry* see. See my mummy. I like that.

I then laugh. He is a character and a half.

We were having our cwtch before bed when an advert came on for heinz tuscan beans, out of no where M declared “mmm, beans. I like beans” and that was that.

I often worry about him, as any parent does about their child. His speech may be slower to come along, but it really is coming along. He is constantly asking questions and observing. He comes out with new words and sentences that flaw me each and every day. I think the homework we have been doing since seeing the speech therapist is obvious. I am so proud of him and the laughs he gives me.

Even if I have had to listen to him repeatedly state he doesn’t want to sleep in the rabbit house again. Kids, they’re so funny.


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