Oh hi there third trimester

Wowee, 28 weeks pregnant today, eh I means 12 weeks until the little man should arrive.
This week has been an interesting one again. Baby is all good, once again it’s me that is causing the problem. Monday I felt a bit poorly but Tuesday I was in agony. I was admitted to the ward and hooked up to a drip. I have 5 1000ml bags of fluid because I was dehydrated… What a total idiot. I don’t even know how I’d become that dehydrated. I have been drinking loads (and peeing loads) but obviously not enough. I was rough, still feel a bit rough but for different reasons now.
They needed the bed and I also wanted to come home, which I did Wednesday. That’s when I could hear M was struggling for breath, poor boy. Trip to the doctors Thursday and he has an awful upper respiratory chest infection. A bacterial one too so it is responding to the anti biotics which is grand. He’s always a constant worry for me.
He wasn’t making much improvement yesterday but has today and is so much better he asked for food. He’s a trooper is that one.
I am now exhausted and horse and have a really sore throat. I am putting this down to lack of sleep in the hospital, lack of sleep Wednesday and Thursday looking after M and general pregnancy tiredness.
I am feeling huge. My hips are still a constant pain but, I finally have an appointment with the physio!!! Finally!!! Hopefully I will get some much needed help.
The back and hip situation is worrying me though and is making me worry about the birth. If it continues on I’m terrified it won’t work properly. I won’t work properly. I really wouldn’t want to have an emergency C section because that would mean another traumatic birth. I am starting to consider, maybe an elective C section. This is something I really need to discuss with the consultant at 30 weeks but with M having been such a big baby, this baby measuring ahead I would rather have a relaxed experience that all the panic and drama.
So woo for third trimester, I am seriously hoping the next week is a lot less stressful šŸ˜‰


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