You, me and SPD

Total rip off of you, me and Dupree there. Seems to work though.

Today marks the 27th week of pregnancy. It’s the last week of the second trimester. Scary to think I will soon be in the third and then the count down really begins.

Baby is once again back to his normal kicking self. After the scare of last weekend I am quite pleased that he is on best behaviour.

It’s me that’s the issue this week.
Me and my damn pelvis and hips. I am exhausted from lack of sleep. One might say this is training for when baby comes, I don’t want training, I want sleep.
My hips ache. They’re sore. I can barely lay on my right, I lay on my left and that goes numb/aches. I attempt to roll over without waking the OH. I am never successful. On a “good night” I can roll over quite successfully. These are far and few between. I usually spend 10 minutes stuck on my back like a tortoises. I may have made the noise I thought a tortoise would make too… Okay I definitely did, but that was only to cheer me up or I would have cried.
I went to the doctor on Wednesday to ask for some pain relief. She went on to say that normally we would recommend starting with paracetamol. I am taking/have taken that and it hasn’t helped.
She looked at me sympathetically, I explained I had this with M and that I ended up on co-dydramol. She gave me a script. A repeat script, hallelujah. She did also warn that with codeine comes constipation… That’s an entirely different blog post.
So I’ve taken them. They’ve helped but not enough. They’re knocking me out for a time, then I wake with the pain. Then I get the nightly ” I’m too hot and am sweating buckets lets throw the covers off”. Then I get the kick to the bladder, which if I’m not quick enough to act, could result in a wet bed. God I feel grumpy though.
The doctor very kindly told me that if it continues on that I really must go to A and E and get some crutches. I don’t want crutches. I don’t want to admit defeat yet. It’s bad, but I’m not that bad. I say. Over and over and over.
Today I am pale and grumpy and sore. I’ve deleted all my social media apps because I don’t feel like being social. I’m also worried people are going to get sick of the moaning.
I do apologise but I’m in a mess right now. The toddler, God love him, wants his mummy to do fun thing. The OH is working and exhausted. I’m desperately trying to get the house work done as well as deal with the million and one issues that are cropping up.
I am in a state of panic about what it will be like with two. I want to hide under the covers and sleep.

27 weeks in…. 13 to go.


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