You, me and SPD cont.Ā 

Today I went for my physio appointment. I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t expecting much and to be fair to the lovely physiotherapist she said there wasn’t a lot they could offer me. 

She assessed me by looking at my back and the position of my hip and pelvis. At least I now know why I am in such agony, my pelvis has shifted and rotated. It’s causing a severe imbalance. She asked me to turn and do various things before grtting up on the bed. The compressed my pelvis area to see if that helped any, it didn’t. She said because of the position it’s gone in to a pelvic belt wouldn’t really offer much help. I knew this from last time. I explained that sleeping was especially problematic and she was very understanding. 

So, what have they done to help? Crutches. I have crutches for the next 10 weeks. She said for me to have a chat with the midwife because going over term really won’t help. This is a conversation I will be having with the consultant. Honestly, considering the agony I am in, I am seriously considering asking for an elective c section. I can’t see how I’m going to labour this time. I also don’t want to do any more damage. 

The physiotherapist has also left my file open so if after delivery and a few months down the line the pain hasn’t gone they will be able to help. They’re restricted on what they can do at the moment because baby is in the way. 

The advice I was given? Rest. Take it easy. Cut back on activity… What totally impractical advice when I have a 3 year old and an OH who is working all the hours God sends. 

I’ve had a massive cry today because of how exhausted I am and how sore I am. I am feeling so thoroughly misersble and useless. 

So that’s where we are, crutches, painkillers and trying to cope. 

I am pretty sure I haven’t helped my situation with potty training M but it really needed to be done and seeing as he’s picked it up so quickly it shouldn’t cause too much stress and strain now. For now, the hoovering will have to wait though, I can’t do that at the moment. 


Potty training the boy. Part 3


I am so proud of my little man. Today is the first full dry day. Not one accident. Poo’s in the potty. Wee’s in the potty. Asking to use the toilet when out.
He is amazing. I am so flippin’ proud. 5 days in and dry. I’m not saying it’s done, I understand that relapses happen, but I’m still beyond proud.
So happy.
Tomorrow will be a real test for him, and I’m a bit nervous about it. He’s going to my parents in law. I just hope they listen to him and he asks and he keeps up the hard work.
I’m also beyond terrified of him going back to preschool next week. I think he would be so upset if he had an accident in school, I’m just praying that they keep an eye on them. I am going to explain it to them on Monday and then pray….
He mentioned today how he really wants a boy care bear. If he has an amazing week next week I think I am going to get it for him, he deserves a reward. He’s ace.

Potty training the boy cont.

This is certainly a crazy adventure. One I’m pleased we waited to embark on. Like I said in my previous post here we had attempted to try before but it was stressful and traumatic for both of us.
Tuesday was a way better day than Monday, he seemed to understand needing the loo and we had the first poo! This is something I’m super proud of because I’d heard that poo was a difficult one to master.
Accidents were 4 total but part of that was my fault, I didn’t hear him.
One thing I have noticed is he is reluctant to use the potty, but will if I ask and explain that someone is already in the bathroom like yesterday.
Yesterday, G really annoyed me.
He knows that’s M is potty training and I’m not saying don’t use the bathroom and shower, life doesn’t stop because we have a potty trainer. However, I had explained the G that am was reluctant to use the potty. Anyway, M pee’d and Gary showered. Only thing is, M decided he needed the loo again! I banged the bathroom door, G said 5 minutes. M couldn’t wait. I explained he needed to use the potty and he did! Hurrah! Also aces because he needed a poo.
I was super annoyed though, 50 minutes in the shower! Doesn’t he know he also lives with a pregnant lady? Haha. My annoyance subsided because I was so proud of M.
All day yesterday there was only 1 accident!
We have a total of 2 pairs of pants that have had to be thrown away.
We are also able to use the loo out and about, no he realises that I am not going to let him fall down the toilet and flush him away.
Today’s is going well too. He’s doing great. I was worried when we went to the doctors because some of his friends were there. He was playing and being loud, I thought he’d forget for sure. He did say as we were leaving and he went. He’s amazing.
Hindsight is a wonderful thing, I’m happy we’ve waited this long. My little M is ace.

Potty training the boy

Yup, M is a bit late to this party but he seems ready now. This is the most ready he has ever been. He is no longer afraid of the toilet, which helps and he’s able to communicate effectively. Something that I regarded at important. Something I was told makes no difference. Tell me though, how can a child who can’t tell you what they need, tell you they need a pee?
Anyways, we are here. I have set myself the goal of February half term. He is 3 and 3 months old.
He loves wearing his big boy pants and loves the praise he gets from going to the toilet. Another indicator he’s ready? He understands that accidents happen and it is not something to be afraid of. He knows that I’m not cross and he knows that he can try again. That’s why after accident number one in town, he was happy for me to just change his pants and trousers.
The second accident wasn’t his fault either, we were at my mums, I took ill (that’s another blog post) and it was overlooked that he asked for a wee. Not his fault. Again, happy for me to change his pants and trousers.
The third was in the car. To be fair, that was my fault. He’s just chugged a load of juice and then I shove him in the car and stop at the petrol station and he did it in the car.
The fourth was the gross one. He poo’d in a pair of pants. The pants are now in the bin. There was no way I could salvage those. I’m just happy that he wasn’t afraid to open his bowls, but he is aware that it should also go in the toilet like pee.
I asked pretty much every half hour today whether he needed to go. I’m going to make that a little longer tomorrow and do it that way. Twice though he told me he needed to go, that was this afternoon, when he was recognising the urge. So day one, a success in my eyes.

Funny things the toddler says

Today, M has been on top form.

Actually hilarious. He really has brightened my day.

Today is the first day that M has reccounted one of his dreams. He seemed ever so confused that I was telling him it was all okay now because he was awake. It obviously felt very real to him.

We were getting washed and dressed when he suddenly flung himself at me. He squeezed me tight and this is how the converation went.

M: I missed you so much my mummy

Emily: I am here sweetie

M: No my mummy, I missed you when I went to sleep at the rabbit house. I was in the rabbit house and all the animals talked all night. I miss you and mine daddy.

Emily: The animals talked all night did they?

*Getting animated* M: Yes! all night, in the dark. All night, noisy animals and I missed you. I missed my Roguey (our dog) and mine daddy.

Emily: It’s okay, it was a dream, you’re awake and safe now and mummy and daddy are here.

M: My mummy, I no go back to the rabbit house please

So… that was M’s dream about sleeping in a rabbit house with lots of noisey animals.

We were then on our way to do a little bit of shopping and drove past the park where M reccounted a time last year he went to the park with his daddy.

M: My mummy, I went to the park, I was a lion *roars loudly*

Emily: Wow, you did didn’t you?

M: Yes, daddy helped me. I sit on daddys lap. I hurted my leg.

Emily: Oh did you?

Daddy: He fell of the chair when he was having his face painted, so I put him on my lap.

M: Yes my daddy. I cried.

Emily: Oh no.

M: Yes my mummy, look, look me.

*I turn around to look at him sat in the back*

M: Look, like this *M then proceedes to scrunch up his face and pretent to cry* see. See my mummy. I like that.

I then laugh. He is a character and a half.

We were having our cwtch before bed when an advert came on for heinz tuscan beans, out of no where M declared “mmm, beans. I like beans” and that was that.

I often worry about him, as any parent does about their child. His speech may be slower to come along, but it really is coming along. He is constantly asking questions and observing. He comes out with new words and sentences that flaw me each and every day. I think the homework we have been doing since seeing the speech therapist is obvious. I am so proud of him and the laughs he gives me.

Even if I have had to listen to him repeatedly state he doesn’t want to sleep in the rabbit house again. Kids, they’re so funny.

Oh hi there third trimester

Wowee, 28 weeks pregnant today, eh I means 12 weeks until the little man should arrive.
This week has been an interesting one again. Baby is all good, once again it’s me that is causing the problem. Monday I felt a bit poorly but Tuesday I was in agony. I was admitted to the ward and hooked up to a drip. I have 5 1000ml bags of fluid because I was dehydrated… What a total idiot. I don’t even know how I’d become that dehydrated. I have been drinking loads (and peeing loads) but obviously not enough. I was rough, still feel a bit rough but for different reasons now.
They needed the bed and I also wanted to come home, which I did Wednesday. That’s when I could hear M was struggling for breath, poor boy. Trip to the doctors Thursday and he has an awful upper respiratory chest infection. A bacterial one too so it is responding to the anti biotics which is grand. He’s always a constant worry for me.
He wasn’t making much improvement yesterday but has today and is so much better he asked for food. He’s a trooper is that one.
I am now exhausted and horse and have a really sore throat. I am putting this down to lack of sleep in the hospital, lack of sleep Wednesday and Thursday looking after M and general pregnancy tiredness.
I am feeling huge. My hips are still a constant pain but, I finally have an appointment with the physio!!! Finally!!! Hopefully I will get some much needed help.
The back and hip situation is worrying me though and is making me worry about the birth. If it continues on I’m terrified it won’t work properly. I won’t work properly. I really wouldn’t want to have an emergency C section because that would mean another traumatic birth. I am starting to consider, maybe an elective C section. This is something I really need to discuss with the consultant at 30 weeks but with M having been such a big baby, this baby measuring ahead I would rather have a relaxed experience that all the panic and drama.
So woo for third trimester, I am seriously hoping the next week is a lot less stressful šŸ˜‰

You, me and SPD

Total rip off of you, me and Dupree there. Seems to work though.

Today marks the 27th week of pregnancy. It’s the last week of the second trimester. Scary to think I will soon be in the third and then the count down really begins.

Baby is once again back to his normal kicking self. After the scare of last weekend I am quite pleased that he is on best behaviour.

It’s me that’s the issue this week.
Me and my damn pelvis and hips. I am exhausted from lack of sleep. One might say this is training for when baby comes, I don’t want training, I want sleep.
My hips ache. They’re sore. I can barely lay on my right, I lay on my left and that goes numb/aches. I attempt to roll over without waking the OH. I am never successful. On a “good night” I can roll over quite successfully. These are far and few between. I usually spend 10 minutes stuck on my back like a tortoises. I may have made the noise I thought a tortoise would make too… Okay I definitely did, but that was only to cheer me up or I would have cried.
I went to the doctor on Wednesday to ask for some pain relief. She went on to say that normally we would recommend starting with paracetamol. I am taking/have taken that and it hasn’t helped.
She looked at me sympathetically, I explained I had this with M and that I ended up on co-dydramol. She gave me a script. A repeat script, hallelujah. She did also warn that with codeine comes constipation… That’s an entirely different blog post.
So I’ve taken them. They’ve helped but not enough. They’re knocking me out for a time, then I wake with the pain. Then I get the nightly ” I’m too hot and am sweating buckets lets throw the covers off”. Then I get the kick to the bladder, which if I’m not quick enough to act, could result in a wet bed. God I feel grumpy though.
The doctor very kindly told me that if it continues on that I really must go to A and E and get some crutches. I don’t want crutches. I don’t want to admit defeat yet. It’s bad, but I’m not that bad. I say. Over and over and over.
Today I am pale and grumpy and sore. I’ve deleted all my social media apps because I don’t feel like being social. I’m also worried people are going to get sick of the moaning.
I do apologise but I’m in a mess right now. The toddler, God love him, wants his mummy to do fun thing. The OH is working and exhausted. I’m desperately trying to get the house work done as well as deal with the million and one issues that are cropping up.
I am in a state of panic about what it will be like with two. I want to hide under the covers and sleep.

27 weeks in…. 13 to go.