A thank you

I had a rubbish time all through M’s pregnancy. Really awful.
We went through a lot of relationship stuff. I’m amazed we lasted, looking back it is nothing short of a bloody miracle.
We got through it. We had a baby. We adjusted. I sank in to post natal depression. I found twitter.
Without finding twitter I imagine I’d have actually gone ever so slightly loopy.
I’d cut my nose of to spite my face with my family and refused help that I desperately needed.
I have learnt a few lessons from all that went on.

Here I am l, pregnant. It’s going considerably and comparatively, miles better than when I was pregnant with M. I think it’s because I’m not allowing myself to push it too far. I do not want to spend weeks in hospital.
I also have twitter still.
This is just to say thank you to all the lovely ladies and gents I speak to on Twitter and who make everything I panic about, normal. Who offer such support, it’s amazing.
I’d be lost without that network. Thank you for helping me through so much and for always being so nice and kind twitter. You’re amazing.


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