Feeling down suck.
Being down suck.
Being a grump, down, hormonal pregnant lady sucks.
Sucks for me and for the people around me.
Sorry for being down and grumpy. Can’t quite put my finger on it, January blues perhaps? Dunno, just weepy and down. Not felt like this in a looong. Still haven’t managed to go to see the GP about the weird heart thing but considering my mood and how low I have been I’m chalking it up to good old anxiety at the moment.
I’m sorry to everyone who has had the misfortune of bumping in to me lately, I’m not much fun or conversation.
In other news, congrats to poppyseed, 24 weeks today means you’re not considered viable my beautiful boy. Don’t get any ideas though, we don’t want to see you for another 16 weeks yet.


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