I am not a Buddha!

I am 23 weeks pregnant, and am showing. You will either think I am unfortunate to have out weight on in just the belly region, sporting a beer belly, or you’ve clicked that I’m pregnant.

Apparently I have a bit of a glow which is nice, I didn’t have this with M, at all.
One thing that really annoyed me with M and is annoying me this time is the incessant insistence that it’s perfectly okay to touch my belly.

What the actual?! Like seriously?
I am not a Buddha! Rubbing my belly will not give you good luck. Nor will a sodding genie appear! It is not okay for you to touch me. You wouldn’t touch my belly or rub my belly on any other day. Why when I’m pregnant??

At least ask, maybe if you catch my on a good day and I don’t think you have any diseases I may let you touch me, chances are though, I won’t. Unless you’re my toddler or my OH no one really gets to touch the bump. I’m not comfortable with it at all. If you ask I will give a polite “no sorry, I don’t feel comfortable with it” if you just touch me, expect a fit of fury.
You have been warned.


9 thoughts on “I am not a Buddha!

    • It happened with M. We had a friend who would try touch me at every opportunity and I was too nice to say anything. This time I’ve stated facts quite early to those offenders of old. Congratulations 🙂 how far along are you?

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