Delving in to the unknown

I have been super lucky recently and have been asked to test out the TomTom runner cardio via The Running Bug. This amazing bit of kit is a state of the art GPS running watch with a build in heart rate monitor.


Isn’t it pretty?
Now I’m really new to GPS watches and was a little worried I’d break it some how. I’m notoriously clumsy. I don’t think it’s possible to break this though. It’s light but feels exceptionally well built. It was very easy to get set up. I was under the impression that I had to connect it to the computer straight away but this seems to not be the case.


The only downside for me so far was that it didn’t include a plug for it to charge. I don’t know why this has bothered me so much, considering you don’t get a plug with so many gadgets these days, but when you consider the retail value of the watch, I feel I’d expect a plug.
Ao once plugged in and connecting and filling out the necessary bits (which took 5 minutes tops) it was time to sign in to, or creat a mysports login. If you already use mapmyfittness etc. you’re away to go as the mysports app is made by the se people. At the moment though there isn’t an android app, only an iOS app. This isn’t an issue for me as we are apple obsessed in the house, I don’t think it would have been an issue anyway though because connecting it to the laptop was just as easy.

What’s cool is that when the heart rate monitor is on you get an ethereal green glow. Very pretty (I like pretty things)


Now I’m going to mention size. As I said before I’ve never had a GPS watch so don’t really have anything to compare to. It is big, but I’ve always loved chunky watches. I have been fortunate enough to see someone else post a comparison picture between the TomTom runner cardio and a garmin and the TomTom is smaller and more attractive.


Others may say aesthetics aren’t important, but I think it has to look of and this does. It’s also customisable. You can buy replacement watch straps to make it more individual to you. I’ve already gone and bought a dark pink and black strap. The dark pink looks more purple that pink from the pictures and I’m a big purple fan.
Playing around and navigating through the watch was easy and even the most technophobic of people would be able to get to grips with it.
I used the alarm this morning to wake me up for work and the vibrating feature is great. This is something I love about my fitbit, so for my watch to do it too is ace, really should be able to wake up now without waking the OH up.
My next task is to actually go for a run with it. This excites me no end. It means I can leave my phone at home and just use my ipod instead.
So far massive thumb up for this very impressive bit of kit.
Have you for a GPS watch? How does it help you? Have you got a TomTom runner cardio? What do you think?

I have been sent this watch to review and test out. All views are my own


Swansea bay 10K

So I’ve entered the Admiral Swansea Bay 10K in September. It takes place on the 21st, which is a Saturday and falls amongst my days off. This is good.
I am raising money for The National Brain Appeal.
This charity is amazing and I’m writing this blog post to simply give you the link to my money giving page. I would very much appreciate your sponsorship, even if it is only £1. It all counts.
Please sponsor me here
I will love you forever *big smooches*

We Were Liars

Kindle book sales ruin me. I usually end up buying several books in one go. After finishing the Judas Scar, I needed something new to get my teeth into. Baring in mind I only bought this book last night at 2130 and it is now 0430 and it’s finished, it must have been good.
Ladies and gents, the book I am talking about is We Were Liars by E.Lockhart.
It is a young adult book and quite frankly bloody good.
I do not want to give too much away because as is the nature of the book, there is a big reveal.
I shall tell you the basics though. It’s a book about Cadence and her perfect family. Her family who are perfectly formed and admired. It is a story of first loves and summers with family. It is a story of hope, a story of tragedy, a story not too dissimilar to a fairy tale.
The writing style is interesting, it’s fragmented and choppy and written as one may think. It’s this this made it so easy to read. The chapters aren’t terribly long which adds to the readability of “just one more the I will put it down”. The only trouble is, you won’t want to put it down.
I thoroughly enjoyed this, perhaps I’m stupid but others have suggested the big reveal was too easy to guess, I didn’t figure it out until it was a page away from being revealed.
I loved this book and did shed a tear. If you’re after an easy read for your kindle, pop and get it whilst it’s at the bargain price of 99p
I give this book 5/5

I bought We Were Liars for my own personal reading pleasure but wanted to share another fab easy summer read with you all

The Judas Scar

I have just finished reading the judas Scar by Amanda Jennings. I have read several brilliant reviews of this book from various links and blogs which is what made me want to read it. That, and the blurb sounded really interesting and gripping.

The book has three main characters; Will, his wife Harmony and Luke.
It’s an intriguing read full of secrets, hurt, betrayal and raw emotions.
Sent to a boarding school at the tender age of eight, Will struggles to fit in until he becomes friends with Luke. One horrific afternoon results in the expulsion of Luke and the heartache and scars being carried through long into adulthood. Just how much bottling up can one person take until they reach breaking point?

I loved this book. The characters were all wonderfully portrayed and I felt I knew each of them. I could really picture Harmony meeting Luke for the first time and the utter sense of shock and dread when Will encountered Luke for the first time.

The very real emotions I felt for these characters demonstrates to me how fabulous the book was. The anger I felt towards Emma and Ian was over whelming. The devastation I felt for Harmony as she described her miscarriage made my heart break.

It’s impossible to go into too much detail without spoiling parts of the book for others, which is something I wouldn’t want to do.
The topics this book raises are very of the moment after several stories have been in the press over the last year. It’s fabulous and shocking and raw. Very well written and a book I would quite happily read all over again. My only criticism was that the ending happened too soon. Can that even be a genuine criticism? I just felt that after it had smouldered and built up pace and expertly timed that the ending could have lasted that little while longer. Perhaps it’s just the fact I didn’t want it to end, but the events leading to the end happened in to quick a succession for me. Despite this feeling I would still give this 5/5.
If you haven’t read The Judas Scar yet, why the heck not? Go buy it and get thoroughly lost in the complicated woven link that is Will, Harmony and Luke’s life.

I bought this book for my own enjoyment and love of reading, I have reviewed it simply to pass on what I think of it and to encourage others to read awesome books

It’s been a while

Hello one and all, it’s been a while since I blogged.
Summer is one of the busiest times for us as a company so trying to find the time between working, being a mummy and everything else can be hard.
I’ve read a few book I am going to blog some reviews about.
I’ve started an online course which I will tell you about.
I’ve got some new trainers to talk to you about and many other bits and bobs.
Stay posted and I hope you’re enjoying the summer!