Finding Emma

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I have been struggling to read this book for a while now. I finished it yesterday afternoon. It’s called Finding Emma and it’s by Steena Holmes.
It’s a book centred around Megan and her family.
Megan has three daughters until she drops her eye of the ball from being exhausted and one goes missing, Emma.
We fast forward to two years after Emma’s disappearance and we meet Jack and Dottie. They have a granddaughter called Emmie who went to live with them two years ago.
The characters were a bit flat. Megan really started to grate on me. Dottie, although it was clear was suffering from some form of Dementia came across as just mean. It was never confirmed that she was suffering from a degenerative condition either, the reader was left to assume.
The book moved along at a snails pace as well. It has so much potential and it just wasn’t really tapped in to. The only character I liked was Jack. When he realised that Emmie wasn’t his biological granddaughter, my heart broke. After suffering through the book the last 30 or so pages made it that little better. Jack was an excellent character and it’s a real shame the others didn’t come up to his likability.
I really do think that this book had masses of potential and I believe there is a second book, but I won’t he reading it, which is a shame. I just don’t think I can slug on through.

As with all the books I have reviewed, I bought this book with my own money. I am just sharing my love of books by telling you what I thought


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