The first ever sports day

Wearing his yellow Tshirt and his excitement for school, we set off yesterday for what will be the first of many sports days.
I was scared because I am still wary of the mums and don’t like being thrown in to situations anymore.
Off M toddled in to class and there I was, in the corner, surrounded by not many friendly looking people. I popped to the cake stall they had going and some how managed to part with £6.50
How you ask? There was a raffle which I just had to take part in…

“yes you do, oh you have £5 how convenient there are 5 spaces left! You must buy cakes, are you thirsty? Here have some cakes and a bottle of water! That’s £1.50 please. Next…”

A little stunned I went back to my corner and the mum of the little boy that invited M to his birthday came in. We chatted and ended up day next to each other in the sports hall. Another mum joined us and we all groaned when, after parting with another £1, could see there was a parent race at the end. (Non of us participated)
Then the littlies came in, all holding hands looking so cute and a little lost.
There were 4 groups: red, blue, green and yellow. The groups seemed to be split in to ages with yellow being the smallest of them all.
They all did brilliantly and the staff were amazing. The races were fab. Straight running, obstacle course, relay race and a few others. M seemed to enjoy and I really was very proud. It was a big proud mummy moment. I can’t believe my little man is growing up so fast. We are all about “ready steady go” and then we run. It’s cute. He’s cute. He even got a certificate for taking part god love him.
And, and… My parted cash wasn’t wasted, mummy won a price too! A 1L bottle of pimms and a pitcher! Kerching! Thank you very much haha.


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