And so it begins

Today was a gloriously sunshiny day. Makes up for the walk in the rain yesterday that’s for sure!
Today I have more than made up for lack of movement the past few days. Minus the walk yesterday (which only happened out of necessity) I’ve not don’t much since the race for life last Sunday.
Today I decided to go for a walk to my mum and dads. Not from my house good Lordy no! M and I went for a walk through the tunnels then up two of the steepest hills ever.
At the moment Pembrokeshire is host to Iron Man Wales, and they call this particular hill “Heartbreak” hill. I certainly wouldn’t want to cycle it, pushing the toddler up it was hard enough.
On our travels back we had an addition to our crew, my little sister F. She joined us. The total walk was 8.5 miles and exceptionally hilly but I enjoyed it and it made feel gooood.
So in the nature of keeping moving and it being the opportune moment to start the 10K training, I put on my running gear and set out. Today the plan said to run 15 minutes, walk 1-2 minutes then run for 15. I did that and found it okay. I know I can run for 2 miles continuous which is what the end goal is for this week. That’s a third of the way there! I’m liking this new running malarkey and feeling really bloody good!


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