Walking in the rain

I have got into the habit of sharing my daily activity with you all thanks to Juneathon. So I think I am going to continue, just not every day?

I dunno. Anyways, yesterday was a bad day for me with my poor old body. It is the time of the month and my god did I know about it. I was lucky that it decided to wait until I got home, and not in the middle of my night shift. I fear I may have died in work.

The pain was excrutiating, throwing up and 2 painkillers later I decided to have a quick snooze before I was supposed to take M to his sports day. A quick snooze turned into a sleep. I was in agony and beyond tired, my body decided it needed the rest.

I feel bad for so many different reasons as far as yesterday is concerned but it all boils down to guilt.

So, yup, yesterday not so good. Today wasn’t going so great either to tell you the truth. We are down to one vehicle again and I desperately needed to go in to town. It was/is raining exceptionally heavily. I have no coat. As in rain coat, I did find a pack a mac but I knew it wasn’t going to be up to much. With M in his buggy all snug thanks to the rain cover we set off. A lovely 4.5 mile walk with it absolutely chucking it down.

I got home and was soaked through. Even my underwear was wet! As much as it was a real effort to get out there, I am so pleased I did. It destracted me from my tiredness and lack of energy and helped clear my head. I also enjoyed the smell of the rain, the smell of fresh cut, wet grass. The other thing to enjoy was the sound of the rain hitting the leaves. All in all it was a good walk and I got brownie points from the OH for going haha.

My trainers also kept my feet very dry, so I am going to chalk that up as another positive to my trainers. It also means I have achieved my step goal for today.

After much fiddling I have managed to get the ipod (Which a friend gave me as they no longer use it) to work.I have put on a shed load of music so 10K training starts tomorrow. I am excited!


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