Can I realistically do this?

Can I realistically go from only doing a 5K event just this week, to possibly doing a 10K event in September? Is that unrealistic or is it achievable?
I’ve looked at a 10K training programme and it’s designed to get you doing 10K in 8 weeks. It also says it for people who can run/walk 5K in 40 minutes. I’m a little over that.
I really do want to do this race. I want to improve and get fitter and stronger. I want a goal to work towards.
This is the training programme and having read it all, it does seem fairly achievable….


I think what I will plan to do is this… Try it out. See how it goes for two weeks and if I feel that I could actually do this I will enter the race and bloody well go for it.
Yes? Or am I aiming to high too quickly?
What do you think?


4 thoughts on “Can I realistically do this?

  1. Yes…. you can!

    I’m in a similar situation, 10k to Half with 12weeks training.. the race is in 13weeks! I say go for it, plans can be altered to suit but if you’re already do 5’s, I see no reason not to take the next step.
    And maybe this isn’t the best way to use it, but if it’s an 8 week plan, you have some wiggle room either side, maybe do one or two repeat weeks?

    • I was going to use the extra time to do repeat weeks just so I am 100% you know?
      I’ve decided I’m definitely going to go for it. I like the focus of having a goal. I’m also loving the jogging I’m doing so it seems like a good idea to up my challenge? Thanks for taking the time to read and comment

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