Juneathon day 24 and 25

Juneathon day 24 was a total write off. Urgh my god what a day. Full of crying and general crapness. Work was crap.
Home was crap.
All I can log is my patrols.

Yesterday was a little better on all fronts (just). To be honest I’ve been struck by a case of the black dog. It’s made it’s presence known and I’ve tried to shoo it away, or ignore it, but it’s here. It’s not a very big black dog at the moment. It’s just hanging around.
I felt pretty angry and confused yesterday so when I got home from work I left the OH to sort out dinner and I put my kit on and took to the fields. I managed a 12.5 min mile. I was ecstatic and continued on for another mile and a half before my blister became very problematic.
I must say though I felt so much better. My mood improved. Running the frustration out was the best thing I could have done.
So yesterday was a good day.
I’m feeling fairly confident for Sunday actually and that I will do it in a fairly okay time for my first race. I’m just hoping this is the start of things to come.


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