Juneathon day 23

After checking the weather forecast this morning I realised today was my last day to really enjoy pure unadulterated sunshine before I’m back on shift.
This being my basis for a picnic somewhere nice with the toddler.
Sandwiches made, bottles of water ready we set of for a drive to our pre picnic destination.
I decided to park a bit away from our picnic place of choice and walk there. You see the walk was along the costal path and through tunnels. They boy is obsessed with everything Thomas including, yes you guessed, tunnels.
I decided (foolishly) to try break my trainers in some more. Big mistake. Anyways I took some pictures for you of the coastline and M enjoying himself in the stroller.




A beautiful walk in the sunshine enjoyed by all. Apart from my feet.
The picnic was nice, we had a stroll along the beach front and then walked back through the tunnels.
The was was 3.80 miles.
Didn’t quite get my goals on the fitbit so I knew I had to so more.
After plastering myself up I went on another brisk stroll. I unfortunately had to change in to my flip flops for that. When we got home from strolling and some shopping I still felt a big blergh. Even though everything was green I needed to do more.
On went my kit and away I went for a little run. I managed a bang on 14 minute mile, that’s 38 seconds less than a mile yesterday. Going down is good. So to sum up my day I choose this photo


Oh and if I haven’t mentioned already, I’m doing race for life on Sunday and if you would like to sponsor me you can either here or by texting QFRN97 and the amount you’d like to sponsor to 70070 I’m wanting to raise £300 and am £60 short of my target so far. Sorry you only have to endure my beggingasking until Saturday.


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