Juneathon day 21 and 22

Yesterday, I am not going to lie was a very quiet day on the exercise front. I had a killer headache from working nights and having toddler in the day so yesterday was a R and R day.
I slept till 1500 had cuddles with M, prepared dinner for us all, waved OH off to work and popped M to bed. I did 30 sit ups and then had a well deserved beer. It was gorgeous and went down a treat. So yes, as far as Juneathon goes, yesterday was a big fat fail.
Today we had to go to a birthday party. It was the first party M has been invited to since starting pre school last month. The party was outdoors and in a park. There was lots of running around and playing. Lots of lifting toddlers on to slides and pushing on swings. It was a lovely afternoon but me being the idiot that I am ended to horrendously sunburnt. Maybe horrendously is too strong a word but I am certainly sunburnt.
After much frivolity this afternoon and seeing my mum who is getting better thank goodness, we came home and started the end of day ritual. I cooked OH dinner when he came home and decided to sync my fitbit. I was 2347 steps short of my target.
I needed to try my new trainers and the more miles running socks I bought so decided to put on my kit and get out side.
Now, since my operation I have only walked I haven’t jogged or ran, but tonight I decided to bite the bullet and go for it. There is only a week till I take part in race for life! (If you wanted you could sponsor me here
I managed to run/jog/plod the 5K in a time of 43 minutes. I’m quite happy with that. I was averaging a 14 minute mile. I fell over twice (it was cross country over lovely fields that horses have used and have dried rather bumpy).
I now have a blister, very achy muscles and a bit of a sore ankle but god did it feel good. My goal was to complete the 5K between 35 and 40 minutes. I honestly don’t think that this is unrealistic but if I finish in a time of 43 minutes I will be equally as happy especially considering the unfortunate set of circumstances of late.
So my fitbit is my friends, everything is green. I am happy, here have a photo of me post run


How is your Juneathon going?


7 thoughts on “Juneathon day 21 and 22

  1. I am so impressed…I fall over walking…I am also sunburned after park sitting on Friday…I may just be a dull unfit shadow of yourself…
    Excellent time, 5k in 43 mins is brilliant, roll on Race for Life!

  2. Angela says:

    Well done you. Empathise with the great feeling of completing a run for first time since injury, illness or operation. It doesn’t matter what your speed is, the important thing is doing it and completing it – even if that means walking a bit in the middle. Keep up the good work.

    • Thank you, there was a bit of walking in the middle but that doesn’t bother me so much at the moment. I’m a total beginner runner and a big one at that so I’m quite pleased with my achievements. I’m also pleasantly surprised to not hurt as much as I thought I would today 😀

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