New trainers

So I have two pairs of trainers, they’re both road running trainers apparently. One pair are more fashionable and have been fine for use in the gym. The other were dirt cheap and a stand in (I had to prove I was serious about all this exercise malarkey)

I have mahoosive feet, size 8 to be exact. I didn’t appreciate how bloody difficult it would be for me to buy a pair of trainers.
I also realised that is be more suited to trail trainers because I go off the beaten track a little.
Here in lies the problem, I liked the Adidas kanadia, loved them in fact but they come up small so I couldn’t get them *sobs*
I’ve ended up buying a pair of karrimor trainers.
These ones

I really like the look of them and after trying them on they felt lovely. Bonus was they were available in a size 9 as karrimor also come up small.
I’m yet to put them to the test but I’m now a little scared they’re going to be rubbish. I decided to google reviews on karrimor trainers and runners world were less than nice about them.
Am I wrong to be scared?
We shall see.


4 thoughts on “New trainers

    • Apart from a mahoosive blister that sill hurts, they’re okay. I’m pretty sure I need some insoles though as they seem to slip to the side? Or it may be because I’m running over fields I don’t know. To look at though they’re really attractive and go really well with clothes as well as my kit (totally superficial)

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