Fancy pants bit of kit

Waaaa it arrived! It arrived!
Est birthday present ever.
So I don’t know if you’ve seen me banging on about my birthday and that I managed to get a fitbit one for £50 (bargain!) off of that Amazon site.


See! It’s beautiful. I had get the burgundy one because it was the cheaper one but I’m happy I did because it’s gorgeous. I love the colour.
So in the box was:
1 fitbit one
1 charger
1 clip for the fitbit
1 wrist strap for sleep analysis


I love how when you’re achieving your goals the flower grows! (Simple things please simple minds).
It shows steps take, distance walked, floors covered and calories burned too.





I had read in reviews that driving seems to add steps. I haven’t had that problem at all, I’ve been clipping it to my bra though, which incidentally means I forget I’m wearing it.
Set up was seamless and so easy with the app on my iPhone. I love the app too. Clear and easy to understand.
I’ve also found the sleep information very interesting. I knew I was a very restless sleeper but I didn’t appreciate just how restless. No wonder some nights I feel I haven’t slept!
So I’ve had it three days so far, and so far am loving it. 8,396 steps and that was from wearing it from 2 in the afternoon, so I know I’d have smashed the 10,000 target. Yesterday I did 16,567 steps. Today hasn’t been so step intensive. I’m shattered but that’s another story.

So, so far I’m beyond happy with my new little gadget. I will tell you more about it once it’s two weeks old to see if I have lots a few pound 😉


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