Juneaton day 12-15

Have you missed me?
Sorry for lack of blogging. I’ve been beyond busy and you know work and the like. 12 hour day shifts are just as bad as 12 hour night shifts. This is the conclusion I have come to however, on my days I’m outside more and banked 10 miles of walking over the three days. Even on my birthday (that was yesterday)
Today I had to do a cover shift but it was only for a few hours so the toddler and I went for a stroll around the park. That was a mile.
I’m happy with that. Tomorrow is another work day, but at another job and it’s very walking intensive so I’m hoping to get 7+ miles in tomorrow. We shall see, we shall see.
My fitbit still hasn’t arrived *sobs* cannot wait for that to get here. The trainers I wanted are no longer in stock *sobs* so I’m still trainerless but I have birthday money now so may do a *I need new trainers so I must go shopping for some* day on Tuesday.
Isn’t the sunshine glorious? Improves my mood tenfolds!
Anyways, hope you’ve been well and enjoying the glorious sunshine!


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