So, I had a tweet this morning telling me off for spelling Juneathon wrong haha, I was given a forfeit of 10 push ups. 

I have as such done 10 pushups and learnt I have no upper body strength. 

My glum mood seems to have carried over into today, as well as a healthy dose of snot thanks to hay fever. I had so far, gone without an attack of hay fever so it seems my lot has arrived in one go. The OH had to pop to one of the venues that he works at and offered to give me and the toddler a lift down. We weren’t ready, the sun was shining so I decided we would walk. 

The toddler threw a tantrum when I told him we were going for a walk. Why he threw a tantrum I do not know, I mean he gets to sit down in his pushchair, so I do all the walking. I think it may have something to do with him also having an attack of the hay fever (although he’s already suffered this year) and generally feeling a little under the weather. I kept him off pre school today too because he had a bit of a temp last night, but that seems to have come down. Anyways, I digress. 
The only way I could encourage the toddler was to allow him to bring George (his toy from Pepa Pig) and his tablet. 

After these terms of negotiation, we set off in the sunshine. 

It was a lovely walk, although I swear he’s gotten heavier haha. So, today has consisted of 3.5 miles of walking and the 10 pushups. 

I am still feeling a little down, I am just so flipping tired. What can I do though?


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