Fitbit one

So I posted a little while ago about looking in to all the fitbit’s.
I’d asked for one for my birthday (which is now 4 sleeps away) I’d asked for the fitbit zip because it did what I wanted and wasn’t overly costly.
Well tonight I decided to peruse amazon and discovered that the fitbit one was on offer for £50! That’s the cost of the zip but it does so much more.
For a start it will recognise me walking up stairs as how many floors. Have covered as well as monitoring my sleep. I find this quite clever, it wasn’t something I thought I immediately needed which is why I thought I’d go for the zip. BUT seeing as the one is only £50 the OH has said I can order it for my birthday! So order it I have. I’m excited. It might not arrive before or on my birthday but I know it is on it’s way and I’m excited.
I can’t wait to see if it does actually help motivate me! (I’m sure it will, I like to see figures and facts)
I will obviously do a little review type post when I’ve used it. I’m beyond excited haha I feel like a 6 year old not a soon to be 26 year old!


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