And on the 9th day….

Juneathon day nine.
Yup, nine days into June already. Terrifying. Only 5 sleep till my birthday haha.
Anyways today has been a heavily sleep deprived sort of day.
Home by 7am, asleep not long after. M woke at 9, managed to get an extra hour thanks to the iPad. Although, M has developed a not very nice cough so he kept rousing me for cuddles, not that I really minded, his cuddles are the bestest.
After cleaning (can I log cleaning?!) and sorting bits out that don’t get done when I’m on nights I decided we needed to get out and about.
We popped to see the OH and ended up going into a local attraction in the area. M and I had a really good wonder around. Probably about 2 miles, there was then running and chasing and laughing (all counts right?)
It has been quite a nice, albeit longer than I’d hoped for.
I currently in the bath, soaking my troubles away.
Tomorrow is a new day, more challenges and a good two days for activities before work again.

Here’s a lovely picture of M being a taxi driver 😉



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